How To Find and Get a Sponsor in AA/NA

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If you want to recover from addiction, then participating in Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous is imperative. Both of these groups accept members who come to meetings on a regular basis in order to continue using the 12-steps toward sobriety. Because an addict must continue to work on their sobriety for a lifetime, we recommend that our clients in treatment seek a sponsor as soon as possible. If a client is going to continue therapy in a sober house, then they will participate in 12-step meetings at that location.

Sponsorship is Vital

However, each of our clients returns home eventually and should enroll in nearby NA or AA meetings. Sponsorship is an integral part of AA and NA, and it is important for an addict to choose someone who meshes with their personality. Becoming a sponsor for a recovering addict requires a lot of time, and in some cases, a sponsor needs to remain available on a 24-hour basis. This is because a recovering addict’s sponsor is one of the first individuals to call when there is a temptation to drink or use drugs.

A Sponsor has Long-Term Sobriety

While it is important to have a sponsor who you get along with, the person isn’t necessarily going to be your best friend. When you are tempted to use again and call the sponsor late at night, they need to have the ability to help you quickly and provide firm guidance. A sponsor is someone that you would never feel romantic about because this behavior would erode the sponsor relationship. In addition, a sponsor is a former addict who has successfully completed and maintained a 12-step program, making them a valuable resource for guidance.

We Recommend Going to Different 12-Step Meetings

You can find a sponsor by attending 12-step meetings to meet recovered addicts who want to remain active by helping a new member in the group. It helps if the person is friendly because you need someone who can display happiness as a sober individual. Not everyone at 12-step meetings is ready to become a sponsor because they might have too many commitments with a career or family, and if this occurs, then keep looking until the right sponsor comes along. If you live in a large city, then you can go to different NA or AA meetings to find a sponsor.

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