How To Find a Good Alcohol Counselor Near Me

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Making the decision to stop drinking is a big one, and an experienced alcohol counselor will play a valuable role in helping you get and stay sober. Yet, it can be hard to know where to get started with finding a good alcohol counselor who works in your area. Fortunately, we are here to help you start your search, and the following information can help you narrow down your options.

Ask About Their Programs

You will first need to decide what type of care you need to end your addiction. For example, many alcohol counselors work with inpatient treatment programs that can allow you to take a break from your every day stresses and focus on recovery. If staying away from home or work is not possible, then you may prefer a counselor that has an outpatient practice. Often, you can find counselors who participate in both types of programs, which can give you flexibility if you discover that you need a different type of help.

Find Out About Insurance

Paying for alcohol counseling is often a big concern, and you can check your insurance policy to find out which counselors are in-network. This type of search often allows you to use a filter to find the counselors that work close to your area. If you do not have insurance, then you can also find counselors that provide free or sliding scale services that are based upon income. Many counselors will also take payments if arrangements are made beforehand.

Consider Their Location and Hours

Since you will be visiting your alcohol counselor regularly, it is important to make sure that their office location and hours are convenient. Many counselors offer evening and weekend appointments, and you may find that some counselors have two offices from which they work to better fit the needs of the people they serve. In the beginning, you may visit your counselor several times a week, so make sure their location is ideal.

Once you have found a good alcohol counselor that works near you, go ahead and schedule an appointment to make sure they are a good fit. It is important to feel comfortable talking to your new counselor and be able to develop a relationship that is based upon trust. By seeking a counselor with whom you can build a rapport, you will have an excellent source of support that will guide you to recovery.

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