How To Be Ready For Your First Sober Summer

May 9, 2016 - , - 0 Comments

Summertime can pose a few challenges during your first year of sobriety. For many people in recovery, the summer means there will be several months when there is more time to be filled with healthier activities. Fortunately, you can enjoy the summer of your dreams by making the following strategies part of your recovery plan today.

Find a Favorite Summer Refreshment

If you used to spend your summer days sipping on cocktails, then have no fear. There are tons of non-alcoholic beverages that are just as delightful. In fact, enjoying a sparkling water infused with fruit will leave you hydrated and with more energy to dive into your favorite summer activities such as hiking. Try experimenting with different flavors of sliced fruit mixed with purified water, or find inspiration online with recipes designed for those who are committed to sobriety.

Plan a Summer Getaway

Some of your old hangouts may be off the list this year, but that just means you have a chance to do some exploring. Think about a few places that you have always wanted to visit, and set up an itinerary that doesn’t include any places that might pose a temptation. Camping is always a good way to getaway, and it requires little more than a tent and some favorite foods to throw on the fire.

Stay Physically Active

When you were in treatment, you probably discovered that exercise has many benefits for easing cravings and helping your body heal from the damages caused by your addiction. If it’s too hot for your favorite sport in the summer, make plans to visit a gym or the community center for indoor games. Alternatively, it could be the perfect time to hit the water. Swimming, water skiing and parasailing are all great ways to get your blood pumping and your mind off of any cravings.

Create a Support System

It’s important to recognize that every day of your summer might not feel particularly sunny. For those days, it is important to have several people you can talk to that you trust. Check into after care programs that can provide you with a place to seek help if you feel like a relapse is coming, and develop a group of friends that will go along on sober adventures.

As summer approaches, having a plan to stay sober will give you confidence that you will not fall back into old habits. Remember that staying busy and surrounded by support is always your best defense against addiction, and get ready to see the beauty of summer through newly sober eyes.

Lastly, be sure to reach out and get involved with our awesome Alumni Department which holds several activities year round!

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