How Recovery From Addiction is Different for Women

October 19, 2015 - , - 0 Comments How Recovery From Addiction is Different for Women

The differences between men and women are obvious, from their physical characteristics to how they handle emotional situations. Among these differences, one that may be less obvious to others is how a woman’s body responds to drugs and alcohol. Due to the combination of a smaller body, hormones and different life stress, women are not only at greater risk for developing an addiction, but they also require a more well-rounded approach when they are working toward recovery.

Stronger Focus on the Family

Women who enter a rehab program are often concerned about healing their family structure. They may have children for whom they are the primary caretakers. They may also have a spouse or serious relationship that has suffered during the time a person was grappling with their addiction. For many women, it is hard to be away from their loved ones for any length of time. For these reasons, we take a family-centered approach to helping women on the road to recovery.

Greater Need for Mental Support

Many women struggling with alcohol or drug addiction often have other underlying mental health issues that must be addressed for them to be able to enjoy a full recovery. Depression, anxiety, a past history of abuse and low self-esteem are just a few of the most common issues that can be talked about in therapy. As these needs are dealt with in a positive manner, women begin to feel stronger in their battle against addiction.

Larger Support Network

Throughout life, women lean on each other for support and are comfortable sharing their burdens with others. During recovery, this nurturing spirit can be a tremendous asset for helping women to support each other ending their addiction. That is why a woman-focused treatment facility will offer group therapy in addition to individual sessions that allow women to come together in a safe environment where they can speak honestly about their addiction.

Increased Need for Post-Recovery Strategies

When a woman leaves a rehab program, she must be strong enough to continue the recovery process on her own. This also means that a woman is often thrust right back into the same environment that may have contributed to her addiction unless major changes are made first. That is why we take a serious interest in helping women eliminate the stress that may have made it harder to stop taking drugs or alcohol. For the stress that cannot be eliminated, we work with women to help them develop the life skills they need to cope in positive ways.

Recovery from addiction may be different for men and women, yet both sexes must decide to make a change in their life by taking the first step. For women, this will mean choosing a treatment program that understands the unique challenges being female may mean for ending your addiction. Now that you know recovery is possible, let us help you get started in a treatment program that will ensure you have the best opportunities to reclaim your life from addiction.

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