How much do Christian drug rehabs cost?

August 1, 2015 - , , - 0 Comments How much do Christian drug rehabs cost?

If you or someone you love is addicted to drugs or alcohol, you know how hard it can be not only on the individual, but on the spouses or partners, children, families, friends and other relationships. Drugs and alcohol and people’s dependencies on these substances have broken apart marriages, polarized parents and children and left people alone in a whirlwind wondering how they got where they are today.

But know that there is help. The very first step to the road to recovery and sobriety is admitting that there is a problem in the first place. Often, this first step is made in a drug rehab or alcohol detox facility in your area. Rehabilitation centers can provide the care, compassion, and medical attention that individuals need to get back on their feet again, clean and sober this time. Christian drug rehabs are specially designed to help guide individuals on their path to sobriety with the hand of God and their faith behind them.

One issue that many people face when looking to drug rehab centers for help with addiction is finding the money to pay for the facilities. So how much do Christian drug rehabs cost? Of course, every facility has different pricing, but generally speaking, a longer term rehab facility may run anywhere from $30,000 to $40,000. This would include a 90 to 120 day rehab stay for in patient care, round the clock service, medical assistance with withdrawal symptoms and of course, group therapy as well as one on one counseling. Shorter Rehabs such as those lasting from 2 weeks to 8 weeks may cost more like $10,000 to $18,000 depending on the facility.

Although these numbers maybe high for some people, remember how important drug rehabilitation is. Money doesn’t really matter when your health, your relationships, your occupation, and the rest of your life is crumbling around you. If you or someone you love is in need of rehab or detox assistance for a drug or alcohol abuse problem, find the funds to get these services.

If you are an individual who is seeking help for alcoholism or drug abuse and dependency or if someone you love is, talk to your health insurance provider, place of employment, friends or family to find the funds to pay for a rehabilitation and detox program with a Christian facility. Remember, you are worth it, and you deserve to be on the road to recovery and to reach sobriety.

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