How Many Times Can You Go To Rehab?

December 4, 2015 - , - 0 Comments How Many Times Can You Go To Rehab?

When you make the commitment to enter rehabilitation for your addiction, it’s a huge step in the right direction. Rehab staff are specially trained to help you find your way to sobriety. However, you might be concerned about “passing” or doing well in rehab. There is no pass or fail in rehab so you can go to treatment multiple times if necessary. In fact, there are many reasons out of your control that could contribute to multiple visits with rehab professionals.

You’re Always Welcome

In general, you’re welcome to enter rehab at any time. Whether you’ve never been before or it’s your fifth time trying the process, reputable addiction recovery centers won’t ever turn you away for being a repeat patient. However, treatment centers are often busy places with few openings at a given time. You might be placed on a waiting list to enter treatment regardless of how many times you’ve tried it.

The Insurance Factor

Everyone has different health insurance policies with varying addiction treatment coverage. Some policies might limit the amount of times you can enter rehab and still rely on insurance coverage. If you’re concerned about entering rehab multiple times, speak to your insurance company about specific limits to your coverage. Alternatively, your treatment center might be able to create a payment plan for any outstanding balances. You need the treatment regardless of cost.

Put Your Heart Into the Treatment

One way to help your chances of entering and exiting rehab successfully without a return visit is mental commitment. You should put your heart into your treatment and focus on yourself. The motivation to get clean must come from your personal commitment and not from the cajoling of loved ones. If you try to remain sober for someone other than yourself, you will be a repeat rehab customer.

Regarding Multiple Disorders

Your addiction may not stem from just one causal factor. A dual diagnosis might be made in your case, such as addiction stemming from depression. People who visit rehab often may not be treating the dual diagnosis effectively. It’s critical to work with a treatment center that takes these special circumstances into consideration. When both issues are treated simultaneously, it’s possible to successfully navigate through rehab only one time.

One of the most important parts of addiction recovery is basic communication. You must feel comfortable with your rehab staff and tell them when you’re uncomfortable with a situation. That communication channel must work both ways too. The staff you encounter on a daily basis should be open to hearing your side of the story and incorporate any concerns into your treatment. In the end, you’ll have better success with recovery and a healthy lifestyle as well.

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