How Living Like a Dog Can Help You Get Sober

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Dogs and humans have one of the sweetest bonds, and there are few things more comforting than an animal companion. Yet, did you know that dogs hold powerful secrets to staying sober? If you’re a dog lover, then get ready to rejoice because living like a canine will help you end your addiction.

Live Naturally

Although your dog might think they need to try your favorite ice cream, they mostly stick to a natural diet. Filling your body with lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables will give your body the fuel it needs to fight addiction. While you’re at it, make sure you drink tons of water since that is a dog’s favorite drink. Lapping it out of a dog bowl is completely optional.

Find Joy in the Little Things

Dogs live simply, and they never stress about if the dog next door has the latest new toy. Instead, dogs are happy digging in the dirt, getting a belly rub or soaking up the sunshine. Make it a point to spend time just enjoying nature, or maybe schedule some time to just get out and play. As you begin to notice how much happiness the simple things can bring to your life, you will find new interests that bring you far greater joy than drugs and alcohol.

Get a One Track Mind

When a dog catches a scent, they will move through any obstacle to get what they want. During your recovery, it is important to keep your eye on the prize since there will be some times when you come up against temptation. When those moments come, just keep your tail up and continue to run toward your goal of staying sober.

Develop a Pack Mentality

The life of an addict is lonely, and you can never fully trust those who are involved in the lifestyle. A dog, however, prefers to be around companions that they deem loyal, and they will reward any kindness with licks and a wagging tail. Take a cue from your pooch, and surround yourself with others who embrace a sober lifestyle.

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but humans have a lot they can learn from their furry friends. As you plan to enter a treatment program, keep in mind that your life can soon be as carefree and exciting as a dog’s. Once you make that first step, you can embark on the trail of a lifetime that will lead to one of the sweetest rewards-sobriety.

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