How Does a Treatment Program for Drugs and Alcohol Work?

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If you are considering seeking help for an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you may want to know how a treatment program works. Many people are anxious about entering rehabilitation for an addiction. You may wonder if the staff will provide good care, what the program will be like, or if you will have to stay in the rehab for an extended amount of time. Finding the answers to your questions will help you make the choice to enter a quality rehab facility so that you can recover from addiction successfully.

Typically, you will begin your rehab with an evaluation that helps the staff at your rehab identify which services will fit your personal needs best. A customized treatment plan is created based on your evaluation. During the initial assessment, you will talk about your addiction and behaviors, as well as undergo a physical exam to determine whether you have any physical illnesses. This step can take one day or longer, depending on the treatment facility that you enter.

Some people need to detox after their evaluation. During detoxification, you will be provided with care from medical professionals to ensure you are comfortable. You may receive medical treatments that make detoxification less physically challenging, which can assist you in completing the remainder of the program successfully. Detoxification usually lasts for several days or longer. The amount of time spent in detox will depend on the type of addiction you are working to overcome and the severity of the addiction.

After detox, you are ready to begin your formal treatment plan. You may enter inpatient or outpatient rehab at this time. During treatment, you will work with substance abuse counselors to find new ways to cope in daily life without drugs and alcohol. Some of the treatments that you may receive include group therapy sessions, individual therapy and rehabilitation courses that assist you in learning more about nutrition and other life skills that may not have been a part of your life while the addiction was present.

If you enter a rehab that offers specialized treatment, such as a religious or health based rehab, you may also receive additional treatments. For instance, in a holistic health rehab, you may take yoga classes and follow a healthy diet while in rehab. Finding the best rehab for your personal needs ensures you are comfortable and treated with compassion while receiving treatment.

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