How Do I Know if My Insurance Covers Detox and Rehab?

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If you are fighting against substance abuse, you have a long road ahead of you. Addiction will take control of your mind and body, forcing you to crave the source of your addiction until you simply can’t live without it. You can try and stop on your own, but symptoms of withdrawal are so powerful that you are likely to fall back into using your drug of choice once again. In order to finally win your battle against substance abuse, you need to get professional help. Once you accept the fact that you have a problem, you’ve jumped the first hurdle. Finding a program is the next step. You are likely to have many questions, including how do I know if my insurance covers detox and rehab?

Understanding Treatment for Addiction

The first thing you need to understand is that recovery from addiction involves two phases. It begins with the detoxification process, the initial period when you are deprived of the source of your addiction in the safe environment of a treatment facility. While you are supervised and cared for by medical staff members, the toxins left by drug abuse will be eliminated from your body. You are likely to feel extremely ill, fighting against fever, chills, pain, and nausea during this first phase of treatment. Once you have overcome the withdrawal phase during detoxification, you will then begin your rehabilitation therapy. This is the period when you will explore the reasons you became addicted in the first place, your trigger factors, and strategies to avoid substance abuse in the future. You will be removed from the source of temptation and focus on getting better, with no outside distractions.

What About Insurance?

Your insurance will generally include coverage for rehabilitation. In order to find out if it covers detox and rehab, you will need to speak to a customer service representative about the specifics related to your policy. Treatment programs vary. In some cases, facilities only focus on detox, meaning you will need to find another location for rehabilitation services. However, most programs are comprehensive and include both types of treatment. Your insurance company will help you to navigate your many options, helping you to find the most affordable way to get the services you need to finally conquer your addiction. It is possible to find detox and rehab programs that are covered.

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