How Did I Get Addicted To Opiates When I’m Not an Addict?

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Opiate addiction can occur without an intention, and for many people, it has come from the use of prescription painkillers. The beginning may have been something like alcohol and marijuana and soon escalated to sneaking off with a few tablets of oxycodone from a parent’s medicine chest. After a period of sneaking a few pills, someone discovers a way of getting a steadier stream. The path could just as well have been a motor car accident and a prescription for painkillers. From regular usage, one can easily become dependent on these powerful painkillers. Addiction occurs when the desire to get a high becomes a need that one cannot deny. Then the individual needs a fix.

Opiates in Many Forms

Opiates and opioids come in many forms of prescription drugs. Most aimed at controlling pain have powerful effects and are strongly addictive. Many people who use them in accordance with a doctors prescription discover a creeping form of dependence. The physical need comes from the action of the drug on the brain and changes in blood chemistry. The mental fixation comes from the feelings of pleasure that the user gets. After some period, many users simply satisfy a need more than experience a distinct pleasure. They report a powerful craving when absent from the drug and they take many risks to get a fix.

The New Addict

The idea of an addict has changed because of prescription drugs and opioids. No longer must one fit the stereotype of a street figure finding a dealer in an alley and scurrying off to inject with dirty needles. People using prescription narcotics have pills from pharmacies and often have access to a supply of drugs prescribed by medical professionals.

Call Us for Addiction Services

Whether you or your loved one has become addicted by choice or accident, the fact is that addiction takes control of one’s life. The path to getting it back is to get clean and stay sober. Opiate addiction is difficult to treat, and withdrawal can be painful requiring medical supervision. We have resources to meet the needs of the addict, the life situation, and the addiction. Call us today; we can start you on a path to being drug-free. Call us; we can help.

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