When Heroin and Pregnancy Don’t Mix

July 1, 2016 - , - 0 Comments When Heroin and Pregnancy Don’t Mix

The use of heroin during pregnancy is dangerous for an embryo or fetus, and in many cases, a woman may have used this drug in the earliest stages of her pregnancy, leading to serious ramifications such as birth defects. In addition to the dangers from this illegal drug, there are risks of infection from dirty needles. When a woman learns that she is pregnant, it is vital for her to stop using heroin immediately, but the only safe way to do this is in one of our rehabilitation facilities. The detox phase of treatment is difficult, and when a woman is pregnant, specialized precautions are necessary to avoid complications.

Pregnant Women Need Immediate Detoxification in a Safe Environment

When a pregnant heroin addict contacts a counselor for information concerning treatment at one of our rehabilitation facilities, she must prepare to begin treatment as quickly as possible. Continuing to use heroin while pregnant is dangerous, but an addict should not attempt to detoxify on her own. There are uncomfortable side effects during detoxification, including the possibility of seizures or respiratory distress. While most patients receive nonaddictive medications during detoxification, physicians must choose a prescription carefully for a pregnant woman.

Drug Rehabilitation Is the Best Way to Help an Unborn Infant

When a pregnant woman uses heroin, the drug travels through her bloodstream into the embryo or fetus, and this leads to a baby who is addicted to the drug. During the detoxification phase of treatment, the unborn infant will suffer from withdrawal symptoms. However, this doesn’t mean that an addicted pregnant woman should avoid seeking treatment for a heroin addiction. Without treatment, an infant is born with the same addiction as the mother and will experience severe withdrawal symptoms.

Several States Provide Additional Rehabilitation Funding for Pregnant Addicts

Fortunately, there are specialized drug treatment programs for pregnant women because counselors must provide care for two addicts at the same time. Caring for pregnant addicts requires a high-level of skill because a woman’s hormones are changing rapidly, making treatment more complex. Several states provide additional funding for pregnant addicts because of the high-risk of developmental problems for addicted babies, and this makes it easier for a woman to receive treatment. If you are a woman who is addicted to heroin, then contact us to learn how to begin detox and rehab at one of our facilities as soon as possible.

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