Give Me 90 Days and I’ll Show You a Woman in Recovery

October 9, 2015 - , , - 0 Comments Give Me 90 Days and I’ll Show You a Woman in Recovery

Although the exact amount of time until a drug rehab patient clears the hurdle of addiction is up fro grabs according to each patient, the 90 day rule is usually in effect for people who are looking to make a huge change in their lives. When it comes to the especially busy and precise minds of women, 90 days is a great benchmark upon which to rest the notion of recovery.

The Reason that 90 Days is Important

The finding that has been upheld in most experiments is that 90 days is the time period for habits to change within a person. Before the time in which we could quantify the “habits,” this was little more than an observation that could be misinterpreted quite easily. However, we now know that the habits that people take on are a direct result of neuron to neuron connections in the brain. These connections have some positive uses. They tell us to prepare to eat when we smell certain things. They tell us that danger is near when we see other things. However, drugs utilize these connections for its own benefit, almost as if the drug is a sentient being trying to become a part of the human that it is inside of.

When a person becomes addicted to a drug in a deep way, it is usually based upon several factors. There may be a biological component, meaning that a person may simply be more predisposed to having her brain rewired by a drug. However, other conditions may be social in nature. A woman may begin to attach a person to drug use if the main activity that they partake in is drug use. These are the same neuron to neuron associations that cause positive effects being used for negative effects on behalf of the drug!

The 90 Day Reorganization

When it comes to fixing the problems that drugs cause, it will take around 90 days in order to see if the treatment has been successful in achieving a reorganization of the neuron to neuron connections in the brain that cause habitual behavior. It is very important that you be taught alternatives to your current behavior patterns so that you will have a valid way to move away from the bad habits. The good part is that drug rehab facilities are getting incredibly good at doing this now that habits have been quantified in science.

As a woman, you owe it to yourself to build your life in a way that will benefit you. You can do this with the help of the science of the habit and a great facility to help you form new habits.

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