Getting Clean for Your Kids

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As a parent, you are used to cleaning up after your kids, picking up their messes, and taking care that your family home is a safe and secure environment for child raising. The most important type of cleaning you can do for your family and loved ones, though, has nothing to do with picking up stray toys and articles of clothes and everything to do with getting yourself clean and sober.

The Parent as an Addict

While there are many reasons why people become addicts, including genetic predispositions, the pressure of parenting can often exacerbate a potential addict’s need for self-medication. Women who have medical difficulties during pregnancy or childbirth may be prescribed opioids or other potentially addictive painkillers. Next, having babies or toddlers in your home can be stressful, disrupting your sleep cycle and many other aspects of your daily life. While these stresses do not cause alcoholism, they can make it harder for a parent to stay sober.

Taking Care of Yourself

Good parents often put the welfare of their children above their own needs and desires. If you suffer from an addiction, though, caring for yourself is the best way to be a good parent. Your own sobriety will make a huge difference in every aspect of your children’s lives. If it is difficult to focus on your sobriety at home, addiction rehabilitation facilities can help you get your recovery program started with intensive in-patient programs.

Effects of Addiction on Your Children

Your addiction doesn’t just harm yourself, it harms your children. The children of addicts are more likely to become addicts themselves and to suffer mental health problems than other children. They often live with shame or fear because of their parents’ addictions and have difficulty succeeding in their school work or social relationships. If you are an addict, the single most important thing you can do for your children is to focus on your own recovery.

Recovery is a Family Business

Rehabilitation is designed for the whole family. The first steps of detoxification and medical treatment are just the start. As you enter into rehab, you can actively involve your family. They have been dealing with negative aspects of your addiction for years; now they can deal with the positives of your recovery. Groups for children of alcoholics help your children rebuild their lives as well.

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