What to Expect When Entering Women’s Rehab Centers

March 9, 2017 - - 0 Comments What to Expect When Entering Women’s Rehab Centers

Women who are suffering from substance abuse disorder have different requirements and needs compared with male addicts considering their differences in physiology and reaction to drugs, among other reasons. The unique recovery needs of women should be fully addressed during treatment which is why it is best they receive care from reputable women’s rehab centers.

If you or your female loved one is currently struggling with drug addiction and would like to seek professional help but feeling a bit hesitant, it is best that you gather more information about the treatment process. To start you off, here are some pertinent details on what goes on inside a women’s treatment center so you would know what to expect the moment you get into rehab:

Screening and Assessment

Screening and assessment are carried out before the formal therapeutic process begins. These steps are necessary to understand the level and exact nature of the woman’s substance abuse problem. During screening and assessment, the patient is subjected to standardized instruments such as a battery of psychological tests and interviews as well as medical and drug testing.

The rehab facility uses various screening assessment tools and gender-specific screening strategies and instruments to gain critical patient information such as the occurrence of mental disorder, traumatic experience/s, and factors that may affect the patient’s response to treatment, among others. These data are consolidated and evaluated to come up with a more accurate diagnosis of the drug dependency and to create a treatment plan and program that is specifically suited to address the unique case of the patient.

Detox Process

After screening and assessment, the patient will then go through the first crucial step of treatment, which is the detox process. During this stage, the patient is weaned from the abuse substance of choice to help rid the body of toxins and chemical residues. This process is usually painful and difficult because of various symptoms of withdrawal syndrome. Rehab centers provide different types of detox process depending on the needs and requirements of the patient. Top detox methods include:

  • Medical or inpatient Detox – this type is carried out within the rehab facility and is found to be the safest way to detoxify the body of drugs. The progress of the patient is monitored 24/7 and she is provided with certain drugs that can help alleviate the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.
  • Outpatient Detox – this type allows the patient to simply visit the rehab facility during treatment and go home afterward, which means she can continue going to work and to carry out her usual responsibilities.
  • Holistic Detox – this type targets the various aspects of the body (physical, mental, emotional, and psychological) to facilitate detoxification. Activities under holistic detox include yoga, acupuncture, and exercise.


Once the detox process is over, the patient will participate in various therapeutic techniques such as individual counseling, group therapy, family therapy, and holistic therapy, among others. The kind and type of therapy to be administered depend on the need and specific case of the patient as revealed in the screening and assessment process.

Educational Sessions

Apart from addressing the cause and extent of substance abuse disorder, rehab facilities also conduct educational sessions to help the patients learn essential life and coping skills. The lessons learned here aim to help the patients respond more positively to the demands and challenges of the real world.
A women’s treatment center is a place especially dedicated to helping women get their life back on track. While their treatment programs appear similar to regular rehab facilities, you can be assured that their approach is specifically suited for the needs and cases of women. If you want to receive the best help to win your battle against substance abuse disorder, entering in a women’s rehab would be a prudent choice.

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