Do You Recognize The 5 Easy Signs That Your Daughter Is Addicted?

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No parent wants to believe that their child is addicted to drugs or alcohol. However, you need to know the signs of addiction if you want to intervene and help your daughter overcome it. What are some of the easy signs of addiction that you should be looking out for?

Her Performance in School or Work Has Declined

If your daughter was at the top of her class and is now failing, it may be a sign of a problem. The same is true if you get phone calls from her employer saying that she hasn’t shown up to work in days or has regularly showed up late. In many cases, the only interest an addict has is getting high.

She Has Mental or Physical Issues

Drug and alcohol use can have an impact on the body. If your daughter has trouble sleeping or sleeps too much or has issues with short-term memory, those are signs of a problem that needs to be investigated immediately.

Your Daughter Is Grouchy or Irritable Before Using

Your daughter may be grouchy or irritable when she hasn’t used in several hours. However, as soon as she has gotten a fix, she may be pleasant and happy to be around you again. If this occurs, you may want to check your medicine cabinet or your child’s backpack to see if anything is missing.

You Notice Medication or Alcohol Is Missing

If you notice that your medication is missing or a bottle of liquor is missing from your cabinet, your daughter may using in your home. The same is true if you notice medication or alcohol that you don’t keep in your home that could have been brought over by friends or others.

Your Daughter Hangs Out With Different People

An addict may seek the company of other addicts because they can use together without feeling judged by their peers. Your daughter may also be hanging out with someone who uses in an effort to fit in or impress somebody. If you notice a change in your child’s peer group, don’t be afraid to find out who these people are.

Typically, kids drink or do drugs because they are lashing out against the world. As a parent, it is your job to figure out why your daughter feels like substance abuse is her best method of coping. By getting help early, it may be possible to get your child past an addiction with as few long-term side effects as possible.

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