Do I Have To Be Clean and Sober Before I Go To Rehab?

January 27, 2016 - , - 0 Comments Do I Have To Be Clean and Sober Before I Go To Rehab?

Going to rehab offers you a chance to enjoy a fresh start in life, and it is normal to be concerned about how you begin. For some people, it is hard to stay sober in the days before going due to the stress of not knowing what lies ahead. Others prefer to stay clean as much as possible to ensure they have the best chance for recovery. Since rehabs are designed to accept each person on an individual basis, you can rest assured that help is always available no matter where you are on the road to sobriety. However, these tips can help you feel more confident in the days before you enter rehab.

Know What to Expect

Preparing to go to rehab can generate some anxiety about staying in a different place away from your family and friends. However, learning about what happens in rehab can make it easier to avoid drugs and alcohol in the days before you leave. We can help you learn about the different treatment programs that are available for you so that you can understand what will happen from day-to-day. For example, many programs encourage visitation and the involvement of your loved ones during treatment so you have an easier transition.

Make Preparations

Staying busy before you go to rehab can also help you to stay sober. Make arrangements to have your home and pets cared for during your time away, and contact anyone who needs to know that you will be gone for a short time. Review any materials you have been given such as a packing list and prepare your bags. Doing these things will help you feel confident that everything will be fine while you are away.

Get Motivated

As the day to go to rehab draws near, focus on thinking about all of the positive things that will happen in your life. For example, you will begin to enjoy better physical and emotional health as your body learns to live without drugs and alcohol. You will also have more time to focus on healthier activities that you once enjoyed, and you may find a few new interests as well.

If despite these efforts, you find it hard to be sober before rehab, know that there will always be supportive, compassionate staff at the door just waiting to help you start your recovery. Rehab is designed to be accepting of people from all different backgrounds so don’t let your addiction stop you from getting help. Whether you are clean or using, going to rehab is the best choice for finding your way to sobriety.

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