The Difference Is Clear: Five Reasons to Choose a Women’s Drug Rehab Center

November 28, 2016 - - 0 Comments The Difference Is Clear: Five Reasons to Choose a Women’s Drug Rehab Center

When it comes to drug addiction, your circumstances don’t matter.  You could be a man or a woman.  Regardless of your gender, once you start putting those substances in your body, addiction is imminent.  Once that happens, you will do whatever you can to get a fix.  Your life circumstances hardly matter.  Nothing really matters to you anymore except your next high and when you can get it.

That said, not all drug treatment programs are created equally.  Drug rehab for women is an ideal choice for women battling addiction.  At facilities like these, you can be sure that through detoxing, therapy, and other aspects of rehab that you can kick your drug habit and reclaim your life the way you want to live it.

Not totally convinced yet? Here are five reasons to choose a women’s drug rehab facility.

  1.  Get to the bottom of specific triggers — People don’t often just start using drugs for no reason.  There’s often something in their lives they want to avoid.  These triggers can lead to addiction.  For example, maybe you’re dealing with a case of body dysmorphia, or you’ve had an eating disorder.  Perhaps you were sexually assaulted.  Although men can go through these things too, these triggers are found more often in women.
  2.  Deal with emotions more often felt in women — If you’re dealing with these sorts of triggers, how do you feel? Embarrassed? Guilty? Sad? If you’re trying to get away from these emotions, you could also turn to drugs.  Again, that’s not to say men can’t feel guilty or sad because they can.  However, at a women’s rehab facility, you will be given a safe space to work through these emotions and discover their root causes.
  3.  Provide in-house detoxing —Detoxing alone and unsupervised can be a scary experience.  You’re not sure if your body is supposed to be sore if you’re supposed to be exhausted and miserable, if those tremors and other odd symptoms are normal.  At the first sign of discomfort, you may use again.  A drug rehab facility will guide you safely through detox with medication and care around-the-clock.
  4.  Avoid relapsing — Did you know that between the two genders, women have a worse track record of relapses? Unfortunately, if you’re not equipped with the right tools to live a new, sober life out of rehab, you’ll probably start spending time with the same people and going back to the same places as you did when you were an addict.  Eventually, you’ll slip up.  Give yourself a chance for a better life.  Consider women’s rehab.

5.  Give women a new support system — Drug addiction can be an incredibly isolating experience.  You’re only really in touch with your drug dealer when you need another hit.  You hide from friends and family out of humiliation.  With the right rehab, you can find a circle of supportive people that want to see you get better and stay sober.  That empowerment will make you feel like you can do anything; yes, even turn your life around.

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