Why Your Daughter Is Addicted To Heroin And You Didn’t Know It

June 22, 2016 - , , - 0 Comments Why Your Daughter Is Addicted To Heroin And You Didn’t Know It

Finding out that your daughter is addicted to heroin hurts, and it can hurt even more when you think about how you missed all of the signs along the way. While it may be tempting to beat yourself up, the truth is that this is a very common situation. After all, people who are addicted to heroin tend to hide their struggles from the people they love the most. As you begin to help your daughter pick up the pieces, here is what you should know about heroin addiction.

Causes of Addiction

It is important to realize that addiction develops due to chemical changes within the brain when a person uses drugs or alcohol. Although a person may choose to use drugs for the first time for different reasons, these chemical changes can cause addiction to heroin to occur the very first time. Once your daughter’s body developed a dependence on heroin, trying to stop on her own became impossible.

How You Missed the Signs

When you are close to someone, it is sometimes hard to notice small changes that occur over time. Denial is also a powerful thing when you do not want to imagine someone you love struggling. Over time, you may have just thought that certain behaviors were normal since some of the symptoms of heroin addiction can happen to anyone. For example, you may have thought your daughter was simply losing weight due to the stress of starting school, or you may have thought it was normal for young adults to sleep all the time.

What to Do Now

Living in the past will not help you build a better future for your daughter. Now that you know about her heroin addiction, you can begin to take action. Forgive yourself for not knowing about it sooner, and be grateful that you found out before it was too late. Then, help your daughter explore her options for treatment, and learn how you can surround her with support.

When your daughter was little, you could ease her hurts with a bandage and a kiss. Now, her problems may be bigger, but you can still help her find peace. By letting go of the mommy guilt and embracing your daughter with open arms, you can be the support she needs to successfully battle her addiction.

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