How Customized Treatment at Women’s Rehab Centers Can Assist You in Rehab

December 9, 2016 - - 0 Comments How Customized Treatment at Women’s Rehab Centers Can Assist You in Rehab

All of us are unique.  No one among us is exactly the same.  Even if some of us have the same problems, we don’t react to them in the same way.  That’s because of our unique individualities.  If you find yourself dependent on drugs or alcohol, you can’t just use the solution that is effective to your friend or someone you know.  Your rehab program should be customized.  Thankfully most women’s rehab centers understand this principle so they offer personalized rehab programs to their patients.  

Why Customized Treatment Programs Is Essential To Recovery

Each and every individual drug or alcohol dependent has a unique mix of personal history, character, tendencies, social factors, and co-occurring health issues that contribute to her current substance dependency.  If this combination of factors is not considered in designing a woman’s treatment program, her chances of recovery will be slim.  Even if only one of these factors is ignored, she will not be able to fully recover from her substance dependency.

This is why designing a drug or alcohol rehab program for women is not an easy thing.  The mental health providers, as well as the general practitioners in a women’s treatment center, must acknowledge and consider every person’s individual struggles with drugs or alcohol.  Recognizing the uniqueness of the individual is the initial step to a successful drug or alcohol rehab program.

Every Individual’s Road to Addiction Is Unique

People become drug or alcohol addicts in different ways and for varied reasons.  Some became addicts because they have addicted family members.  Most of those who become addicts started in small steps, and then went on to become fully addicted.  Every woman has her own unique external factors that influence her to do certain things or act in certain ways.  Most drug or alcohol dependents are living in an environment that encourages such behavior.  All of these factors must be considered before a rehab program is designed for a woman.  

How Rehab Programs Are Designed in Women’s Rehab Centers

Since there are many factors that contribute to a woman’s drug or alcohol abuse, there is no straight-cut, one-type-fits-all rehab program that can be used.  Here are some of the ways women’s treatment center designs individualized treatments:

  • By following the principle that every woman must have her own unique rehab program
  • By offering different therapy options
  • By addressing all the contributing factors that created the addiction.  These include the individual’s personality, tendencies, likes and dislikes, mental and physical conditions and capacities.
  • By making rehab programs available to all women
  • By assessing the treatment program if it is successful and modifying it if it is not
  • By monitoring the patient to prevent relapse
  • By treating co-occurring issues

What Often Constitutes An Individualized Rehab Program?

Although a customized rehab program is unique to a woman addict, it also has a number of similar elements to other addiction treatment programs.  Here are some of the similar aspects present in both customized and non-customized rehab programs:

  • Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is always a part of the addiction treatment programs in all women’s rehab centers.  This could take the form of cognitive behavioral therapy where a woman will be able to determine the root cause of her problem and the way she can overcome them.

  • Group Therapy

This is an effective way to help the addict recover her balance because she will be joining a peer group whose members are at different levels of recovery.  This will serve to encourage for her to complete her treatment.

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