Counseling in Drug Rehab

February 8, 2013 - - 0 Comments

There are two main treatments in drug rehab program. These include pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments. People who are on drugs can choose any of them to help themselves out of addiction. Pharmacological treatment may be quicker but non pharmacological looks at long term. There are more and more drug abusers who are choosing the psychological and counseling method as two kinds of non-pharmacological process for their drug rehabilitation. People may predict how long the treatment will take for using medical, but they may not know when the psychological dependency or counseling finishes.

If you accidentally fall in drug, counseling may be a suitable choice. This drug rehabilitation takes three steps. Firstly, the addict will have a personal chat with his/her counselor. In this meeting, he/she can tell everything about his/herself: what are the difficulties, what obstacles prevent him or her and so on, just in order for the counselor to know the root cause of the problem. The counselor may ask:

  • why he/she started to use drugs
  • why he/she keep using drugs

From these, the counselor may give pieces of advice and some solutions for the individual involved.

The next step is group counseling, which is so-called self-help group. This is one of the most powerful therapies for patients. In this method, the drug abuser not only meets the counselor but also his/her fellow who are also in the drug rehab. People are free to talk about their past, their recovery, why they chose drug to be friend and even their concern about future, of course, with honesty and openness.

This group counseling is definitely special and unique. You can freely tell everybody about you drug life and you definitely know that no one laughs at you or think you are a freak. It is really a big chance to make amend in freeing yourself from drug addiction. Furthermore, when you’re open to your counselor, the healing process is sure to be very fast and enriching. There’s every reason for you to calm down in the counseling session. You also need to abide by whatever instruction the counselor will offer you.

Well, the last step in drug rehab process is the after-care. A person who completes all the treatment and is has gone through all the normal drug rehab processes still need some after-care assistance. There are so many risks in the community, which may easily attract weak-minded people. Sometimes, the risks are coming from the neglect, indifference from neighborhood, family, friends and love. Thus, aftercare program is important and essential. It helps the patients know how to response with such obstacles, how to keep on moving, and eliminate the risk of relapse. Furthermore, it also provides the patient the support needed in education and re-integration into the society.

In all, counseling in drug rehab is very beneficial. It also offers a soothing effect that leads to peace when you engage in it wholeheartedly.

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