Collecting Experiences in Your First Year of Recovery

April 29, 2016 - , - 0 Comments Collecting Experiences in Your First Year of Recovery

During your first year of recovery, you will have many amazing moments. While some of these may be hard, others will be exhilarating. It is important to preserve these moments because they represent the better person you are becoming during your first year. In fact, many recovering people find that collecting their experiences provides a wonderful way to look back and reflect upon their journey. Here, are a few ways to turn your experiences into wonderful memories of sobriety.

Start a Journal

Rehab programs often encourage journaling to help people get the thoughts out of their mind and on to paper. As you recover, you can use your journal to record your new experiences along with your reaction. Over time, you will be able to use your journal as an important resource that will show your personal growth throughout that first year.

Step Back in Time

Some of the best experiences are those you might have missed out on during your struggles with addiction. For example, you might have dropped out of a class that you really loved, or you might have slept through a family vacation. If there were things you never got to do, then now is the time to do them. Trying a favorite activity sober is a great way to show you how much better life will be starting today.

Plan Adventures

There are many amazing experiences just waiting for you out there, but they may take some planning. Think about some things that you have always wanted to do such as hike up a mountain or visit long-distant friends or family. Then, start working toward your goal. You will have many experiences along the way, but that final big moment will be something you always remember.

Soak Up the Little Moments

It is important to remember that every experience will not be major. In fact, simple moments such as sipping your morning coffee without a hangover are amazing. Snuggle with your kids, romp in the yard with your dog and enjoy just watching a movie on a weekend night. These every day moments all contribute to your happiness as a newly sober person.

The first year of recovery is often viewed as a time of reawakening, and you can learn to enjoy every moment by focusing on collecting new experiences. From learning to love yourself again to enjoying the world of sobriety, you are about to enjoy the benefits of attending a treatment program.

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