Why Choose a Gender Specific Rehab?

January 24, 2017 - - 0 Comments Why Choose a Gender Specific Rehab?

No one ever intends to become an addict or alcoholic. In fact, most people with drug or alcohol problems continue to use because they believe that they still have control and can stop using at any time. But that isn’t always the way things go. For many, a problem with drugs or alcohol can quickly progress into full-blown addiction, and that often requires professional help to overcome.

Fortunately, there is addiction treatment available, and there are many options from which addict can choose. 12-step programs, detox, outpatient treatment and inpatient treatment are just some of the programs available for addiction treatment.

Another type of treatment to consider is a gender specific rehab. Basically, that is a treatment facility or program that is either for men or women exclusively. There are some key benefits to choosing a gender specific rehab over other types of treatment.

Improves Focus on Recovery

Physical or sexual attractions can be a huge distraction during the recovery process. And it isn’t something that only affects adolescents who are flooded with hormones. People who are in treatment are often at very difficult points in their lives; self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence are at their lowest. Any encouragement or support from the opposite sex can easily be mistaken for flirting or sexual attraction because feeling desirable can feed those insecurities.

Choosing a gender specific rehab for treatment eliminates that distraction allowing patients to focus fully on their recovery and offering the right type of support to others

Provides More Comfort

The average person tends to gravitate toward the same gender for friendships and the opposite gender for romantic or sexual relationships. Being in addiction treatment is a vulnerable time for most, and being around people of the same gender, taking the possibility of romance or sex out of the equation, makes it more comfortable to be open and honest – two key aspects of getting the most from treatment.

Improves Ability to Identify with Others

In treatment, bonds with those whom patients relate to form quickly, and that increases support. Just like being with one’s own gender is more comfortable in the treatment setting, it also increases the ability to identify with others. In other words, a male is going to identify more with other males than with females. This happens because there are certain life perspectives that are gender specific. Additionally, there are some aspects of addiction that are gender specific. For example, men tend to become addicted more slowly, with a progression over time. Women, on the other hand, become addicted more quickly. Choosing a gender specific rehab may present an advantage because patients are better able to relate to one another.

Has More Effective Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment

Many people who enter addiction treatment also suffer from a co-occurring mental health, or psychological, disorder. In fact, people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol are twice as likely to have a mental health disorder than people who don’t have a substance abuse problem. Co-occurring disorder treatment is the simultaneous treatment of addiction and a mental health disorder. Gender specific rehab may be beneficial to those who are receiving co-occurring disorder treatment because it would take into consideration the gender-specific aspects that may have contributed to individuals’ development of their addiction.

Just as all addicts are unique and have their own sets of issues, treatment for addicts must be unique in addressing each individual’s needs. Gender specific rehab is just one type of treatment that is worth considering. Many addiction treatment patients find that beginning their recovery in a gender specific rehab is helpful. 

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