Can I Bring My Laptop, Cell Phone or iPad To Detox And Rehab?

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Technology is so intertwined in our lives that many people have concerns about being restricted from their electronics during rehab. This is especially true when it comes to personal electronics such as a cell phone or laptop that you may use for work and to communicate with your loved ones. Although your concerns are valid, it is important to remember that most treatment programs do not completely ban all electronics, and they always make sure that your social needs are met.

Benefits of Taking an Electronic Break

Many treatment facilities do restrict the use of cell phones and other personal electronics during at least the initial phase of treatment. While this may seem harsh at first, a break from all of the distractions is beneficial for recovery. During your time in treatment, it is important to avoid some of life’s stresses until you feel stronger, and playing games or reading on your laptop can take up valuable time that you can use to focus on recovery.

Communication Options

If you are concerned about being without your cell phone for any length of time, then have no worries. Treatment programs recognize the importance of social support during recovery. In a facility that restricts the use of electronics, you will still be given access to telephones so that you can call your family. Family therapy and group counseling sessions will also provide you with a way to communicate with others.

Prepare Beforehand

It is important to note that restrictions regarding electronics can vary significantly from one program to another. Knowing what to expect beforehand can help you find alternative forms of entertainment that will be accepted. For example, some facilities allow limited access to electronics toward the end of treatment, which means you may want to arrange from someone to bring your laptop as your final days near. Alternatively, a facility that restricts all electronics may still allow reading materials or music that can help you relax during recovery.

While it may seem strange to leave your electronics at home, it is important to remember that distractions can interfere with your healing. After completing treatment, many people report discovering that their time away from their laptop was a peaceful time that they filled with new activities that supported their health. Remember that treatment only lasts for a short time, but it will have a tremendous impact upon the rest of your life. By using this time to focus on yourself, you will have the best opportunities for recovery.

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