Can I Bring My Dog With Me to Detox?

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Detox and Treatment

Undergoing detox and treatment for your addiction may seem like an incredibly difficult process. It is perfectly normal to have a long list of worries and concerns to bring up with the professionals at any facility you are looking into. Just know that you are strong and you can do anything that you put your mind to.

Can I Bring My Dog to Detox?

Many treatment centers do not allow animals of any kind in or around their facility. This is for the mental health, physical health, and emotional health of the other patients in the facility. The primary reason for this rule is simply that it may be unsafe, unsanitary, or medically harmful for other individuals to come into contact with your pet. Other facilities believe that they just do not know the temperament of your animal well enough to expose other patients to that particular animal. Some of these centers may be willing to let you visit your pet while in treatment.

Other centers will encourage you to take a break from all of the elements of your everyday life. If you are completely unwilling to undergo treatment without your beloved pet, do not lose hope! Some treatment facilities believe that pets are able to help a person recover from their addiction. These centers understand that you are very emotionally attached to your animal. Often these animals are the only healthy outlet recovering individuals have that they feel completely comfortable taking. It is okay not to trust other humans right away. It is okay to feel as though your only comfort comes from the love you feel from your pet. This is a process meant to help you establish trust, help free yourself from addiction, and to help you get your life going in the direction you want it to go. It is always a good idea to undergo treatment at a facility with qualified medical professionals monitoring your health. If taking your dog to treatment is an absolute must, rest assured that there are treatment facilities out there willing to accommodate this request!


You are an incredibly strong individual and you are making a great choice to undergo treatment. Taking control of your addiction is the key to managing your life. If you have to take those steps with a pet, you can do it! Never give up hope! You can live a long and happy life!

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