Can Anyone Go To Alcohol Treatment Or Do You Have To Be a Really Bad Alcoholic?

December 25, 2015 - , , , - 0 Comments Can Anyone Go To Alcohol Treatment Or Do You Have To Be a Really Bad Alcoholic?

Early in addiction, many people feel as though their need for alcohol is not severe enough to require treatment. This is especially true when a person lives within a culture that normalizes alcohol consumption such as a college community or professional workplace that embraces happy hour. Yet, alcoholism is best treated during the early stages, which means that you are likely eligible for treatment long before you have realized that you need help battling your addiction.

Signs of Alcoholism

Everyone is familiar with the image of a severe alcoholic who has been in and out of jail for DUIs. However, the majority of people who struggle with alcohol live normal lives except for their need to drink every day. Drinking more than 3 drinks a day or craving alcohol as soon as you wake up are two signs that alcoholism is taking hold. Physical withdrawal symptoms, such as shakiness or mood swings, may also be signs that you have noticed. Close family and friends may also have mentioned concerns about your drinking that signify a need for treatment, and it is possible that you have started hiding your drinking from others.

Professional Assessment

When you struggle with alcohol, it is hard to determine the severity of your addiction on your own. For this reason, everyone who seeks treatment will be given a professional assessment that will be used to create an individualized plan for recovery. During your assessment, an addiction specialist will ask questions about your drinking habits and check your physical health. Once this is completed, they will then counsel you regarding the options that are available.

Treatment Options

There are several treatment options that are available for those struggling with alcohol, yet the right one can vary significantly from one person to another. Those who are in the early stages of alcoholism may benefit from outpatient treatment that involves counseling and support group meetings. Residential treatment programs are designed for those who need more supervised care due to physical withdrawal symptoms or those who need to separate from their current lifestyle.

There are many types of treatment available that can help you overcome alcoholism no matter which stage you are in at the moment. Yet, recognizing a need for help is a serious sign that you need treatment right away. We can help you find a program that can assess your needs and find the right place to begin your journey toward recovery.

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