Building the Right Support System

October 21, 2016 - - 0 Comments Building the Right Support System

Alcohol treatment centers provide support for their patients while they are still within the program.  It is after the program ends and the patients are out on their own that their need for a positive support system is apparent.  The people they choose to include in their support system will either help them achieve their personal goals of sobriety, or they will sabotage them.  Alcohol abuse treatment centers will help patients as much as possible and give them the tools for success, but it is up to the patient to continue to move forward after their treatment program has ended.

The Purpose of a Solid Support System

Alcohol addiction treatment centers offer support for individuals who have problems with varying degrees of dependency.  Once outside the facility, it is up to the patient to build a solid support system that includes friends, family members and counselors who are familiar with the person as an individual and have a good, working knowledge of what the person has been through in terms of alcohol dependency and addiction.  A person’s support system must be able to provide them the direction, comfort, and advice they need when they feel their resolve being tested.  Stressful situations and having to deal with the problems that they used to hide from are triggers that can shake their will and make them want to fall back into their old habits.  It is during these times, that the members of the support system must be able to step up and provide the moral support and comfort the patient needs and to assure them that they are not alone.

Who Should Be Included?

To build a strong, sustainable support system, the right people need to be included.  Friends and family members who know the individual on an extremely personal level and feel comfortable telling them the truth about situations and events are vitally important.  People who are in recovery need to be told exactly how things are.  Sugarcoating the truth or trying to be overly nice can sabotage their recovery.  The key is walking through those difficult times with them and letting them know they have people who are willing to help whenever it is needed.  People should be included who are willing to step up to the task even if the call comes at two in the morning.

People to Avoid

One of the worst things a person in recovery can do is include people in their support system who were part of the problem before they entered treatment.  Alcohol treatment centers are constantly seeing individuals who had made vast improvements in sobriety and then lost it because they began to associate with people who were still drinking and were part of the original problem.  Even if those individuals are extremely close friends or family members, constantly being around them while they are drinking can cause temptation that is hard to refuse.  It is extremely important to avoid the people who constantly serve as a reminder to the past that the patient is working hard to stay away from.

Alcohol addiction treatment centers encourage their patients to find people who will build them up and strengthen their resolve.  Offering support means helping them to turn away from the destructive habits and replace them with ones that lift them up, building their self-esteem and making sure they feel their own sense of value.  Sobriety is a journey and for it to be successful the patient needs to choose people who are willing to walk with them and support their decision.  With the right support group reinforcing their efforts, patients in recovery will have a much higher success rate than those who tried to do it on their own.

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