Beyond The Basics of Detox Centers: A Look Into Christian Detox

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Detox is one of the scariest moments that an addict goes through, and it often occurs within a few hours after the addicts stops using a substance. Some people refer to it in the same way that they do the withdrawal process. Symptoms can last for just a few hours, but it often takes several days before the symptoms completely disappear. Christian detox centers let addicts complete the detox process as they also work on their recovery.

What is Detox?

When an addict checks into a rehab facility, staff members will go through the intake process. This lets the center and doctors working there learn more about the patient’s medical history, drug history and what drugs the person currently takes. After the intake process, the addict will go through the detox process. This means that the addict will withdraw from the drugs in a comfortable place. Doctors can provide prescription drugs for those dealing with certain side effects, and staff members will do whatever it takes to ensure that the patient is comfortable.

Therapy Sessions

Though the detox process is tough, addicts can take their minds off the process with group and individual therapy sessions. During individual sessions, addicts meet with their doctors in an office to talk about their history of drug use, why they started using drugs and how they can conquer any fears they might have. Patients will also attend group sessions with other addicts, and many centers pair addicts with those battling similar addictions. Those addicted to prescription drugs will attend sessions together, while heroin users attend a separate session.

The Power of God

Emphasis on the power of God is prominent in all Christian and faith-based rehab facilities. The founders of these organizations believe that those who turn their lives over to God and focus on His love are more likely to recover from an addiction than those who go through a secular program. During and after the detox process, addicts will attend church services and meet with counselors who focus on the power of God. Addicts learn how God can help them on their road to recovery. If you need to help a loved one addicted to drugs, you can help them find a Christian facility that offers a faith-based detox program.

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