Benefits of Retreats Focusing on Women’s Rehab

August 30, 2017 - - 0 Comments Benefits of Retreats Focusing on Women’s Rehab

There was a time when women’s alcohol addiction was tied to loose morals and human weakness. The stigma for women was so great that they often shunned outside help and suffered in silence. But women’s alcohol rehab is now an accepted, and effective, mode of treatment to help individuals recover from substance abuse. Of course, to say that the stigma has vanished completely would be wrong. There’s always going to be judgement, which is why going to a rehab center and being surrounded by people who really understand what you are going through is the best possible decision that you can make.

Retreat-Based Therapy Definition

Before anything else, it’s best to define what it means for women alcoholics to go on retreat. Unlike outpatient arrangements, you are going to stay in the center for the period of the therapy. There’s another term that you may be familiar with—wellness center. Think of a wellness center as a refuge, which allows you to rethink your priorities and become more introspective, while at the same time dealing with your problem in a safe environment. Judgements stay outside the door.

Benefits of Alcohol Rehab for Women in Retreats

  1. Family oriented – Retreat-based centers usually have programs to include your loved ones in your therapy. This is, in fact, a major requirement in your road to recovery on the premise that no man is an island. The relationships you form—whether it’s with your loved ones, friends, co-workers and acquaintances—they are going to impact on your behavior. Including your family in your journey ensures a stable support system when you go back to resume your life.
  2. Women’s alcohol rehab is gender-specific – The programs are tailor-made to address the issues of each individual. For the most part, alcohol addiction is complicated. The problem doesn’t exist in a vacuum. A gender-specific rehab program will create treatment plans based not only on your own unique, needs but also on the specific needs of women, in medicine and in therapy.
  3. Safe detoxification process – You see in the movies about alcoholics shouting in pain during the withdrawal. Except in the most extreme cases, this is another exaggeration. Sure, detoxification can be uncomfortable, but this can be alleviated through the close supervision of medical personnel. Undergoing detoxification in retreat centers prevents the dangers of self-medication. Also, you are assured that you can always call on somebody 24/7 if only to calm you down when the symptoms prove to be too intense.
  4. Focus on your treatment – Another advantage of going on a retreat is you can focus on your recovery. If you are enrolled in outpatient therapy, you are not going to escape the toxic environment—whether at home or office–that may have exacerbated your current situation. Plus, addicts have a way of finding an excuse not to continue with a treatment program; a deadline at work, somebody in the family gets sick, etc.
  5. Develop life-long friendships – Never underestimate the importance of having somebody in your life who went through the same program as you. This is the foxhole mentality. Only other women alcoholics can really understand the difficulty of recovery. In addition to your family, they are always going to be your support system.

In many ways, people are more biased against women’s alcohol addiction compared to men who have the same problems. Although much has changed since the old mindset about the devil possessing weak women and turning them to alcohol, the double standards are still there. Fortunately, this will be aptly covered during the therapy sessions in retreat centers so you know what to expect and how to cope once you finally graduate from the program.

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