The Benefits and Advantages of Women’s’-Only Rehab

July 12, 2017 - , - 0 Comments The Benefits and Advantages of Women’s’-Only Rehab

Men and women have quite different biological and emotional dispositions and the reasons behind women getting into addiction can be quite different from those of men. Gender-specific treatment at women’s recovery centers is often better able to meet these different needs more effectively and have been found to have higher patient retention rates as a result.

The many benefits and advantages of rehab for women include the following:

The Unique Needs of Women with Addiction Are Catered For

Research shows that women react and metabolize alcohol and chemical substances differently than men, which means they face unique challenges when it comes to addiction treatment. Women’s recovery centers that offer female-specific treatment programs are more likely to have a higher retention rate with less chance of relapse because rehab for women offers programs led by women, aimed at women.

Gender-specific addiction programs recognize that the underlying issues that drive women to addiction are different to men’s. Eating disorders, trauma, body image issues and sexual assault are more prevalent in women and for that reason, there are different factors involved in appropriate addiction treatment. Getting to the heart of the matter and understanding the specific issues that have been buried beneath a woman’s addiction can be vital to successful recovery.

Female-Specific Rehab Provides a Safe Place for Patients

The recovery process requires complete honesty borne of vulnerability to fully understand the underlying issues behind drug and alcohol addiction. Most women find it easier to talk openly and honestly about their innermost feelings and any painful experiences from the past when in the presence of other women.

It is often through one-to-one or group collaborations that breakthroughs can be made in a female addict’s progress as they gain acceptance among other women which encourages them to share more personal parts of themselves. Women also draw a great sense of emotional comfort when they are in an environment where others have experienced similar issues. Women’s only rehab provides a safe place where addicts feel comfortable enough to make themselves vulnerable to open up about their journey.

Sexual Pressure and Temptation is Decreased

Research has shown that women are more likely to relapse due to pressure from romantic partners and close friends who continue to abuse substances as they find it particularly hard to break those toxic bonds. Women thrive in an environment where they’re not exposed to the kind of distractions that are a detriment to their successful recovery. In the early stages, a women-only setting removes the challenges relating to sex and relationships and assists in the detox process significantly.

Sisterhood Is Formed In Sobriety

One of the most significant benefits of women only addiction programs is the unique value drawn from being exclusively in the company of other women who all fully understand, empathize and appreciate the issues others in the center’s community face. Women are more commonly exposed to the stigma of addiction and female-only therapy helps build a sense of sisterhood that serves as an essential emotional support network through the recovery process. The support of other women enables many to be able to talk through specific concerns in an environment where they feel accepted, respected and understood.


For women who feel particularly outcast because of the stigma attached to drug and alcohol addiction, female-only treatment can provide immediate sanctuary. The sense of camaraderie among women in rehab together is something that transcends domestic constraints and bonds are formed that can provide considerable support to maintain sobriety long after the program has finished. Because of the more emotional makeup of a woman, their unique needs are more complex than those of men with the same addiction issues. Female-specific drug and alcohol addiction programs are best-placed to meet these needs directly and proactively in an environment that encourages open and non-judgmental communication.

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