Avoiding Relationships While You Are in Treatment

May 25, 2016 - , - 0 Comments Avoiding Relationships While You Are in Treatment

The decision to enter treatment for any addiction is an amazing one. You or your loved one should be proud for taking a step toward wellness. You may be wondering how you can strengthen your recovery. The thought of avoiding relationships while you are in treatment may have crossed your mind. The following gives some perspective on the matters of relationships during recovery:

Familial Relationships in Recovery

Family members are usually the most supportive and helpful people that you can have in your corner during a recovery from any addiction. If this is the case, and you always feel strengthened when you interact with your family, then you should keep the relationships. However, sometimes an individual’s addictions are part of a greater problem within the family unit. That being said, some family members may not support your recovery. Such people may speak negative words to you or wish failure upon you to hinder your recovery. You will want to remove yourself from any relationships that hinder your wellness in any way.

Romantic Relationships in Recovery

Just as your family is supposed to support your recovery, your spouse is supposed to support your recovery. Your spouse very well may be the only person who visits you and encourages you during this challenging time. You should not avoid your spouse during recovery unless your spouse brings a negative essence into your life. If you are unmarried, then you will most likely want to stay solo and avoid relationships at least until your recovery is in a satisfactory stage. Relationships demand dedication, and you must be 100-percent dedicated to your recovery to maximize your success potential.

Friends and Acquaintances in Recovery

The decision to keep your friends and acquaintances while you are in recovery should weigh heavily on their activities. If their presence upsets you in any way or causes you to consider reverting to old ways, then you have to reconsider keeping them as friends. The goal is to become a new person with only positive people in your life who are also seeking freedom from bondage.

Receive a Referral

You can contact one of our counselors who can put you in touch with the perfect women’s rehab center. The rehabilitation center will have some people in it who will be on your side. You can establish new friendships through group counseling and such. Agents are available to help you find the right rehab center 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

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