Avoid Morning Drama The 5 Recovery Mantras

July 20, 2016 - , , - 0 Comments Avoid Morning Drama The 5 Recovery Mantras

Treatment programs are instrumental in the drug recovery process. Additionally, positive mantras and affirmations go a long way. As a recovering addict, there are times when you will feel down. Morning hangovers and the accompanying drama can cast a dark spell on the rest of the day. This is when these positive mantras come in handy. When you repeat these declarations over and over again, they get into the subconscious and change how you think and view yourself.

I will not use drugs today

One of the goals of rehab is to teach you how to deal with internal struggles. You will get cravings and some days the cravings will be stronger than others. When this happens, affirm to yourself that on that day you will not abuse drugs. Keep repeating this mantra to yourself until the triggers are blocked out in the mind. Remember that the drug addiction battle is first won in the mind. The willpower to avoid addiction will help you overcome the daily struggles.

I will get through this a day at a time

On the recovery journey, it is best to remind yourself to take it a day at a time. Some days will be harder than others. Looking in the future can be intimidating and overwhelming. To get through the process, have a picture of where you want to get, but focus on daily recovery. It is the small daily steps that lead to long-term success.

I can do this

When you say this often, soon you will start to believe it. The mantra needs to be a daily affirmation, often, negative thoughts will flood your mind. The best way to deal with them is to remind yourself that you can do it. Keep reassuring yourself that many have gone before you and have overcome.

Addiction does not control me

On the road to recovery, you need to keep asserting your power over addiction. When thoughts overwhelm you, and you feel like relapsing, you need to remind yourself who is in charge. To win this war, you need to channel your focus on this mantra. Do not linger on the negative thoughts.

I am making positive steps each day

You need to celebrate every sober moment. This will help you stay the course. A daily appraisal of your positive steps will make the journey easier. On this journey, every step and each moment count.

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