Are There All Women Drug Treatment Centers?

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Making the decision to enter rehabilitation is a remarkable step for any addict. However, the next challenge is finding the perfect facility to receive that critical care. If you’re a woman, you might have specific needs that may not be addressed in a traditional co-ed drug treatment facility. As an alternative, you can enter an all-woman drug treatment center and find the care that you require.

Comfort Level

Your addiction journey is unique so your treatment must be equally special. In some cases, you could have a traumatic past that warrants a female-based treatment program. Being the victim of child molestation, rape or assault often makes women wary about sharing their stories with men in the room. Receiving treatment in an all-women atmosphere puts you at ease as you work through your issues. In the end, you’ll need to be treated for both the addiction and trauma, and then your sobriety will be easily attainable.

Female-Oriented Group Sessions

Women have distinct needs that are often overlooked during co-ed therapy sessions. Discussions regarding parenting, motherhood and other family issues are common in all-women treatment centers. In fact, body image and self-esteem are two other discussion topics that are best analyzed without men being in the conversation. Women who want to participate in these niche discussions will have extensive growth and sobriety success in the right atmosphere. Luckily, there are women-only treatment centers throughout the nation to serve their communities.

Bonding Opportunities

Women tend to bond better with each other when men aren’t part of the group therapy. These ladies might trade phone numbers and call each other on a regular basis after addiction rehab is over. This bonding opportunity is available in co-ed sessions, but the friendship strength might be compromised. Distractions within a co-ed therapy session might make friendships strained or complicated over time.

Finding the Right Facility

Generally, rehab facilities are co-ed institutions. You’ll need to research your desired treatment center and narrow down several selections. Ideally, you should choose a rehab that offers the treatment you require along with an all-female atmosphere. When you combine excellent treatment and a relaxing atmosphere, it’s only your attitude that can limit your success. Visit several of these facilities, and make your final choice afterward. Rehab is your ticket to a brighter and healthier future than before.

Some women patients may start in a co-ed program, but they move to a female-based rehab soon after their admission. Every person has a different reaction to rehab so it’s important to look at several facilities before committing to one type. You may think you want a co-ed atmosphere, but being in that facility could be intimidating. Once you find a comfortable facility, you’ll find sobriety success in no time.

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