Are Christian treatment centers free?

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Many people who struggle with addiction or mental illnesses find that they cannot get better on their own. Faith often gives people the strength to turn their lives around, and Christian treatment centers help anyone seek recovery in a supportive, religious atmosphere. Learn about the costs associated with these facilities to find treatment options for yourself or a loved one.

Type of Center

Consider the kind of care and environment you require to succeed. Outpatient programs are inexpensive because you live on your own, have enough time for a job and visit the treatment facility for scheduled appointments. However, resisting temptation and learning to support yourself despite illnesses or addictions is a difficult process. Many people choose inpatient facilities because they offer full-time support during unstable times. Inpatient centers are usually temporary, but many people continue receiving counseling at outpatient centers.

Basic Costs

Treatment center costs will vary based on the amount of time you stay at the facility and the services the center provides. In addition to researching how faith plays a role at each center and how the facility operates, you should consider the cost of lodging, food, amenities and medications or medical treatment that might be required. The cost alone does not determine quality because modest options that involve sharing a room or few extra features could save money but offer the same level of care.


Most Christian rehab centers accept insurance, and many plans cover all or most costs. It will be up to you or a loved one to look at the providers that each facility accepts. Payment schedules are usually available when you must pay some of the cost for treatment.

Other Options

Some centers are willing to adjust the amount you owe based on your income and situation. Teenagers or those without insurance or the means to pay may be admitted for free, but it is up to the client or a loved one to apply for free assistance. If you or a loved one is an active member of your church, some parishes help individuals afford religious counseling services.

Cost usually plays a role in which center someone uses, but money should not stop anyone from seeking necessary help. There are many different faith-based centers and various ways to afford care, so anyone can find an affordable option that involves healing and faith.

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