Alcohol Rehab Alternatives for Women

January 31, 2017 - - 0 Comments Alcohol Rehab Alternatives for Women

It can be very difficult to admit when there’s a problem, especially for women. When issues with alcohol start to surface, it can be embarrassing and create further problems along the way. Being able to cope with alcohol abuse and get into a rehab program that understands the needs of women is important. There is always a solution that can assist. Knowing how and where to find those solutions is the key.

Alcohol rehab alternatives

Alcohol rehab for women is nothing new. There are many women who have experienced the ups and downs of an alcohol addiction but feel as if they have too many responsibilities to take time and get the help they need. There are alternatives that can assist in this journey, ensuring the safety, care and comfort women need to push through.

Going cold turkey is not the answer for most. Some symptoms include nausea, stomach cramps, fatigue, insomnia, diarrhea, anxiety, depression and more. Many people associate the terms women, alcohol, and rehab as three separate entities. That’s not true. What most people do not understand is the differences in terminology and how it affects the rehabilitation process. Alcohol treatment is an overall treatment program that can include rehab, but they are used interchangeably and may be confusing.

What is alcohol rehab?

Alcohol rehab for women is a way to assist women in getting back to their lives and daily routines without needed to use alcohol as a filler. It focuses on getting to the triggers, recognizing the symptoms, and providing the tools needed to promote a better quality of life. Rehab can be included in a treatment program that is either inpatient or outpatient, but the goal is to help make better decisions, stay away from triggers and cope with life in general.

Alternatives for addiction treatment include psychedelic drugs, exercise, or a rapid detox program. It is very important to get a full assessment to determine what the best course of action would be. Although there are many “functioning” alcoholics, there is always a tell-tale sign that escalates into something bigger over time. It’s best to get help in the beginning stages before things snowball out of control.

What type of help is available for women needing alcohol rehab?

His and Her Treatment Centers offers alternative programs that will assist in getting things back on track. Before someone can truly admit they are going through an alcohol addiction, they must take a long look in the mirror and be honest. Here are a few additional signs and questions that need answers:

  • Are you driving after drinking?
  • Are you spending excessively on alcohol?
  • Are you moody when you cannot have a drink?
  • Do you have alcohol in your car?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, it’s time to get some help to keep the problem from becoming more serious. Your family and loved ones are all being affected, whether they want to admit it or not, and getting a handle quickly can save time, money and your quality of life.

A rehab program may not be as tedious as many may think. Consider it a therapeutic outlet to work through some issues you are having that are making you dependent on alcohol. Your life does not have to suffer. There are rehab programs that allow you to continue your daily activities while making the necessary adjustments to your mindset and lifestyle to keep you out of harm’s way.

The staff at Her House are licensed and understand these needs. For more information on taking the next step in alcohol rehab, contact the team today.

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