Addiction and Pregnancy: What You Should Do Next

July 3, 2017 - - 0 Comments Addiction and Pregnancy: What You Should Do Next

It is common knowledge that when a woman is pregnant, everything that she does affects the baby in her womb. All the things that she eats, drinks, or consumes will directly impact the baby she is carrying. For this simple reason alone, one can readily deduce that a pregnant woman suffering from drug addiction has got to make some changes for the baby’s safety.

While there are many factors that affect the dangers and risks of abusing substances while pregnant, such as the kind and quantity of substance used as well as the frequency of intake of the mother, none of them are worth ignoring. Some of the most common effects of substance abuse during pregnancy include stillbirth, miscarriage, low birth weight, premature birth, birth defects, and drug dependency in the baby, among many others.

If you are abusing drugs and you recently discovered you’re pregnant, here are specific actions that you can do to help your baby and yourself get through the pregnancy period with as little harm as possible:

Stop Taking Drugs Now!

Halting your drug intake is non-negotiable. If you want your baby to have a chance of surviving with minimal health and physical issues, you should immediately stop taking drugs. While suddenly stopping may be extremely difficult, there are resources available to help you detox. Tap your innate mother instinct to protect your offspring in order to get through this stage.

Get Professional Help Immediately

Merely stopping yourself from taking drugs will only help you for a while. What you need is a team of professional who will get you in an appropriate treatment plan not only to help you recover from addiction but to assist you in your pregnancy as well.

To get the right help make sure that you get into a rehab facility that is specifically created to assist women. Drug rehab for women differs from other non-specialized addiction treatment plans because the program is designed to address specific women’s addiction issues such as pregnancy.

Stay Committed and Follow Your Treatment Program to the Letter

Other people who are suffering from substance abuse disorder who get in some kind of addiction treatment try to find a great reason to keep them motivated to follow through on their rehab commitments. In your case, what better reason do you need to stay and complete your treatment program in a women’s drug rehab facility than the welfare of the child you are carrying? Mothers through the centuries are known to give up everything, even their lives, just to save their children. Remember this thought to keep you motivated all throughout your rehab treatment.

Get as Much Help as You Can

Your search for help does not stop after entering a facility that offers drug rehab for women. Apart from admitting that you have a problem, you also need to let go of your pride and accept that you cannot succeed on getting better on your own. Apart from heeding the advice of your addiction counselors, you will also benefit greatly from welcoming the help of your family, loved ones, and important members of the community.

Your family can provide you with the support that you need not only during the formal treatment process but after you leave the addiction center as well. They are the ones who will help you deliver and raise your baby and keep you sober. If you are a believer, getting in touch with your priest or pastor can help you to strengthen your spiritual side. Studies have shown that former addicts who rely on a Higher Power are more likely to stay sober.

Getting pregnant while you are suffering from drug addiction is terrifying but it is not entirely hopeless. Great things can still happen especially if you change your perspective and try hard to get better.

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