Is Addiction a Choice or Do These People Really Have a Problem We Can Help?

July 4, 2016 - , , , - 0 Comments Is Addiction a Choice or Do These People Really Have a Problem We Can Help?

While the choice to use a particular substance may be the choice of an addict, the fact that he or she is addicted is a problem that can be solved. Those who become addicted may suffer from mental illness, may have had parents who were addicted or are just hardwired for addiction. However, this doesn’t mean that these issues cannot be overcome with time and assistance.

Rehab Can Help Identify the Root Cause of an Addiction

Once an individual knows why he or she is addicted, it becomes much easier to create and execute a treatment plan. Treatment plans may include going to outpatient rehab after completing an inpatient program that includes regular therapy and group sessions. In some cases, individuals may be given medication to help with mental issues or to help overcome the pain of detox. However, if medication is too risky, other long-term treatment plans can be devised.

Mental Illness Is a Curable Problem

For those who become addicts because of a mental illness, the underlying mental illness can be treated on its own. While there is no guarantee that an individual won’t become addicted in the future, treatment could make it more likely that a person is able to control his or her emotions and better cope with stress and other problems in their life. Curing a mental illness may also make it easier to keep a job or interact with others in a positive and meaningful way.

Everyone Deserves the Chance to Live a Happy and Healthy Life

There is no person who doesn’t deserve to have a happy and healthy life that is led with dignity. In many cases, those who have mental issues or problems with addiction don’t seek help because they don’t think anyone cares. Those who have sought help in the past may be too embarrassed to seek treatment again because they think that one stint in rehab is all that you need. The good news is that many people go through rehab multiple times, and the longer you spend getting help, the better off you will be in the long run.

Even if addiction is more than just a choice someone makes, it doesn’t mean that addicts don’t deserve help. While it may take years or an entire lifetime to recover from an addiction, the benefits to addicts and to the public as a whole are numerous enough to negate any setbacks that may occur.

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