Abusing Fentanyl and Seeking Help

March 28, 2016 - , , , - 0 Comments Abusing Fentanyl and Seeking Help

Fentanyl abuse is on the rise, and recognizing that you need help is the first step toward breaking free from the chains of addiction. Since fentanyl is a prescription pain medication, many people first begin using it out of the false belief that it is less risky than other drugs. However, fentanyl requires using increasing amounts to achieve the same effects, which places you at greater risk for an overdose. Fortunately, there are many places to go to get help, and here is what you need to know to get started on recovery.

Benefits of Treatment for Withdrawal

Withdrawal from fentanyl is rarely life threatening, yet it can cause uncomfortable symptoms that could lead you to begin using within a short period of time. Nausea, headache and sweating are a few common withdrawal symptoms that you can expect. In a treatment program, you will have access to trained addiction professionals who know how to ease your symptoms while providing reassurance that it is just a sign that your body is recovering. Medications, distractions and nutritional programs can also help you through the first few days of withdrawal.

Types of Treatment Programs

People who abuse fentanyl come from all walks of life, and there is a treatment program to fit everyone. For example, you may need a residential program if you have been using large amounts of fentanyl over a long period of time. Alternatively, an outpatient program can allow you to continue to work and care for your family while you attend therapy sessions for a few hours a day. Luxury centers, men or women’s only programs and family care facilities are a few more options that can make the process of recovery easier.

Choosing the Right Program

Fentanyl users often experience a mental fog that can make it harder to make decisions. Since we know that this is one important decision that will change your life, we are ready to help you find the right program to fit your needs. Once you have selected your best course of treatment, you will feel confident about your chances for a full recovery.

The dangers of fentanyl abuse are well known, and deciding to seek help means that you will no longer have to worry about the possibility of overdose. By finding a treatment program today that will treat your fentanyl addiction, you can look forward to regaining your strength and happiness.

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