A Mom’s Guide To Choosing Christian Substance Abuse Programs

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You spend years taking care of your kids, looking out for their best interests and putting their needs ahead of your own. As a mother, you look forward to big moments in your child’s life, including the day they marry, have children and graduate. The moment you don’t look forward to is the day you realize your child is a substance abuser.

Substance abuse refers to the overuse of one or more drugs. You might discover that your daughter is a regular heroin users or that you son is addicted to crystal meth. Even if you have your suspicions, you’ll still worry when the truth comes out. If you want to continue taking care of your kids, you need to find a good Christian substance abuse program.

Christian substance abuse programs look to a higher power for help. Many of these programs use a 12-step system, and addicts must fulfill one step before moving onto the next step. These steps include making amends for those they wronged in the past and turning over their lives to a higher power. Your child might also work with a sponsor, who is a person with more experience with drug addiction. After leaving the center, your child can call the sponsor for help when a craving hits.

The problem with choosing the right center is that words like religion and spirituality get thrown around a lot. You never know when a center might say it focuses on spirituality but actually offers patients the chance to take yoga and meditation classes. Before choosing the right center, you need to take the time to visit each one on your list.

While on your visit, ask the staff members about how the center incorporates religion and faith into various programs. A good Christian center will give patients the chance to attend weekly services in an on-site chapel, and the center will also offer services throughout the week. The programs offered by the center should have a basis in the Christian faith and show patients how turning to God can help them recover. If you want to ensure that you make the right choice, you should ask questions, visit the center for yourself and see if the center offers the services and programs that your child needs.

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