8 Things to Know About Women’s Addiction Treatment

February 9, 2017 - - 0 Comments 8 Things to Know About Women’s Addiction Treatment

Drug and alcohol addiction can greatly impact anyone’s life, regardless if you are a man or a woman. But for women who are seen by society as the more nurturing and higher moral ascendancy, substance abuse can be devastating. It affects every aspect of a woman’s life from personal, social, and family life. Although with a women’s treatment center, the uphill battle can be smooth and recovery can become much more successful.

Here are some things you need to know when going through women’s addiction treatment:

  • Addresses unique health concerns of women. Men and women have different health concerns. While men are less likely to have bigger health concerns, women, on the other hand, goes through several physical changes that need to be addressed along with the treatment program.
  • Comprehensive treatment programs. Not only will you undergo the physical cleansing but you will also go through the process of recovering from co-occurring disorders that may have contributed to your addiction. This allows you to have a full understanding of the steps you need to take in order to avoid relapses and prevent you from getting entangled with the same problem again.
  • Addresses psychological and emotional issues. Your recovery process also involves changing negative thoughts and patterns that are often associated with your addiction. It allows you to address both the physical, psychological, and emotional issues that have gravitated towards your drug and alcohol dependency. Also, the treatment program may include alternative therapies that are useful in keeping relapses at bay and gives you time to learn about yourself and your abilities.
  • You get the support of a network of people with the same goal. Undergoing substance abuse treatment not only provides you with an effective strategy to get your life back to normal but also gives you amplitude of moral support which you need to sustain your recovery. When going through the process, you will encounter other people with the same problem and dilemma as you and can form bonds that can extend way past the treatment center.
  1. A supportive team of experts and therapeutic elements. Your treatment program involves people who share the same passion for changing people’s life for the better. Their support is essential in keeping relapses out of your way and can be effective in sustaining your recovery. Your treatment also includes therapeutic elements that can make your recovery successful but also provides you with an alleyway to indulge your time in more productive activities and veer you away from your addiction. Not only will you be able to gain new friendships during your treatment, but you can also get a network which fosters care and trust for an effective rehabilitation.  
  • Addresses gender specific relapse issues and risks. Women may have different relapse risks than men. Issues such as low self-esteem, childhood traumatic experiences, sexual assaults, eating disorders, and relationship problems can all contribute to women’s addiction. All of these are addressed during the recovery process and provides effective coping strategies that can be used.
  • Treatment during pregnancy. Although treatment for addiction during pregnancy can be difficult, it is altogether not impossible. Women’s treatment centers can be safe havens and at the same time address addiction during pregnancy. It incorporates the nutritional health of the expecting mother while fostering fetal health as well. OB-Gyn visits are also included with the program to ensure the safety of the child while undergoing medically assisted cleansing.

Endorses a developmental perspective. Not only will you be able to get rid of your addiction, but your comprehensive treatment plan will also incorporate other developmental strategies that will uphold your individuality. It will also develop your life perspectives giving you room to change for the better.

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