8 Things to Know About Drug Rehab for Women

December 12, 2016 - - 0 Comments 8 Things to Know About Drug Rehab for Women

Many men and women who abuse drugs and alcohol fear having to enter a rehab facility.  That’s because they don’t know what will happen when you commit yourself to a drug rehab for women.  You don’t need to worry if you will only understand what will happen if you enter a rehab center.  Here are 8 things that you can expect when you are admitted into this facility.

  • You will undergo a physical examination

Most probably, your physical health was adversely affected by your addiction.  In order for the rehab center to design an effective treatment program, they will have to examine your current physical condition.  This examination will also tell them if you have any co-occurring health issues that may affect your treatment and the medicines they will prescribe.

  • You will also be interviewed by a mental health provider

A therapist who may be a psychologist or a psychiatrist will examine your mental condition.  You will be asked several personal questions related to your addiction.  Your answers to the questions will help them get a picture of your current mental state.  This will also help them to design a therapy program to start your rehab.

  • You won’t have much time alone

In most women’s rehab centers, the patients are accommodated in rooms with bunk beds.  As such, you won’t have a room of your own.  Therefore, most of your time will be spent with other patients.  You will also be sharing your meals with them since meals are served in such facilities in a common dining area.

  • They will go through all your stuff

Upon entering the drug rehab for women, the security will go through all your stuff to determine if you don’t have anything illegal that you want to take in.  One of these illegal items is of course drug or alcohol.  You are entering rehab so you should not bring these things along with you.

  • The food will be healthy

Since you will be in a rehab center, you can expect that the foods they will serve are designed to make you healthy.  They may not be to your palate’s liking but they are sure to provide you with good health.  This is the time where you may need to overhaul your taste for junk foods.

  • You will get a lot of counseling, in private or in groups

An integral part of your rehab program is counseling.  It will be given to you in private and in a group.  Group therapies are one of the best ways you can be encouraged to complete your rehab.  Private counseling is also very important for it is here where you can understand and overcome the root causes of your addiction.

  • You will be constantly monitor

You are in a rehab center so expect to be watched every time you are not asleep.  In fact, even when you’re sleeping, somebody in the rehab center, perhaps a security, is assigned to watch over the inmates.  This is for your safety.

  • You will be expected to speak in group therapies

Group therapy is not the time for you to be timid.  Of course, you won’t be expected to speak if you just came in.  But as you progress through several meetings, you will be expected to contribute your piece.

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