8 Myths About Going To Rehab

July 11, 2016 - , , - 0 Comments 8 Myths About Going To Rehab

The thought of going to addiction recovery rehab is intimidating. There are many perceptions about rehab in the public mind, many of which are simply not true. By understanding that these are just misconceptions, you may approach rehab with more confidence.

  1. You Must Reach Rock Bottom

There is a perception that those who go to rehab have lost everything. That drugs or alcohol have taken over the person’s life to the degree that they have become homeless or are in jail. In reality, many high functioning addicts find great success with rehab and it changes their lives for the better.

  1. If You’re Strong Enough, You Don’t Need Rehab

Some people think that going to rehab is a sign of weakness or that they can beat their addiction on their own. The truth is that when substance use becomes addiction, a physiological reaction has occurred in the brain and body. The brain will crave the drug, and the body will react negatively if it does not receive it. The strong decision is to go to a facility where medical staff is trained to help your body detox.

  1. If One Rehab Didn’t Work, None Will

All rehabilitation facilities are not the same. There are different techniques and programs that work better for different people. Sometimes a specific doctor or counselor just doesn’t jive with an individual, but another one is the perfect fit. If you’ve tried and failed before, do not be afraid to try again.

  1. I Might Lose My Job

You cannot lose your job by attending rehab. All Americans are protected by the Family and Medical Leave Act which ensures you can not be fired for taking up to twelve weeks of unpaid leave from work for a legitimate medical issue. And, addiction recovery is counted as a medical issue by law.

  1. They Will Force Religion On Me

Some famous recovery programs have relied on religious belief as part of their program, and this is beneficial for some people. But, today, many or even most rehab centers rely on basic medicine and psychological counseling. You can find a facility that offers religion, or one that doesn’t.

  1. I Can’t Afford It

Rehab is not only for wealthy celebrities. Every day people from all walks of life attend. Many are more affordable than ever. Most medical insurance plans will offer some kind of coverage. And, there are even government programs available in some areas.

  1. Life Won’t Be Fun Anymore

When you are released from the trap of addiction and the cravings subside, you will rediscover all the ways you once had fun without substance abuse.

  1. Rehab is Shameful

Taking control of your life is something to be proud of. And, due to the U.S. HIPPA laws, your time in rehab is protected by doctor/patient confidentiality. Only those whom you choose to tell will know you were there. And, rehab may actually be the key to stopping embarrassing behavior enacted under the influence of substances.

Please don’t let your fears stop you from getting help. If you are struggling with addiction, seek the help you need. Rehab may be the answer you’ve been searching for.

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