8 Myths About Drug Rehab in California

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There are many myths and misunderstandings surrounding the addiction treatment in California. These misconceptions interfere with treatment and recovery. Many addicts and their families fear the stigma of drug abuse nearly as much as the risks of continued use. The myths and misconceptions add barriers to treatment and successful recovery.

Myth 1:  Prescription Drugs are not Safer

There is a myth that abuse of prescription drugs carries fewer risks because the drugs are prescribed and pure. The risk of addiction from prescription drugs is severe, and the results can damage the body and brain permanently. Abuse of prescription drugs has reached near epidemic proportions, and treatment for prescription drug addictions requires a lifelong commitment to sobriety.

Myth 2:  Addiction is not for Life

A persistent and harmful myth labels addiction as a condition for life. Nothing could be further from the truth as supported by facts and evidence. There have been thousands of cases of persons with hard dependencies making full recoveries and going on to lead productive lives.

Myth 3:  No Recovery If You Cannot Pay

Many people believe that only those who are wealthy can afford to get treatment for addictions in California. The state provides treatment resources based on one’s ability to pay. In addition, there are many private agencies that offer financial assistance to those in need.

Myth 4:  Health Reform does not Cover Addiction

The national health reform law makes mental health a required area for assessment and coverage in health insurance sold in federal or state exchanges. Mental health treatment is required and many parts require no payment. One of the basic purposes of the law was to extend mental health treatment to those needing it.

Myth 5:  One Size of Treatment Fits All

Many people think that there is one kind of addiction treatment, and everyone gets the same kind of care. The best treatment focuses on the individual and life circumstances. It examines the causes and any related conditions. Treatment like addiction itself is unique for every person.

Myth 6:  Users Do not Need to Hit Rock Bottom

People can accept recovery and treatment at any point that they make a commitment. Hitting rock bottom is extremely dangerous. Rock bottom usually means that there is an uncontrolled addiction, and the risks of severe injury, health damage, and death are high.

Myth 7: Drug Abuse is a Choice

The genes make up part of the risk of drug addiction for most people. There are genetic combinations that make one person far more likely to reach the point of drug addiction than others. Drug addiction is a disease.

Myth 8:  Drugs Don’t Fry the Brain

A dramatic image of an egg in a frying pan and a voice-over stating drug dangers has left a damaging impression on the society, and particularly on employers and recovering addicts. Detoxification and treatment put addicts on a path to recovery and regaining a normal view of life. They must work very hard to stay sober and avoid relapsing into bad decisions.

Delay Makes Things Worse

We can help; we offer facts and information that can help get a family member or loved one into the best possible treatment for their addiction. We can help with admissions, paperwork, and health insurance coverage. Today is the best day to begin the path to recovery; call us.

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