7 Things You Need to Know Before Going to a Women’s Rehab Center

August 18, 2017 - - 0 Comments 7 Things You Need to Know Before Going to a Women’s Rehab Center

Gender-specific facilities are a vital consideration before seeking out help at a treatment center. It can be wiser to choose a center that only caters to a single gender, allowing for making the process of recovery more comfortable and peaceful. Thus, finding the right women’s addiction treatment center for you is a must. 

Can Addiction Be Treated?


When you enter a rehab center, it must always with the belief that addiction can be treated. However, the process is not easy but long and arduous. Since addiction is a chronic disease, it cannot be simply cured by ceasing the use of drugs for a specific period and expect an instant treatment. Recovery may take many years of continuous care and the firm determination to stop using drugs. 

7 Things That You Can Expect When You Enter the Center

After choosing the best center and making all the preparation, you will now take the final leap by entering a rehab center. Here are 8 of your biggest expectations: 

  1. Physical examination.Upon being admitted to the women’s rehabilitation centeryou will be given a physical examination by the medical staff. The purpose is to find a proper design of an effective program of treatment, to thoroughly examine your current physical conditionto discover any health issues that are co-occurring, and to learn the medication to be prescribed. 
  2. Interview.The health provider for mental health in the women’s rehab centers (therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist) will conduct an interview. They will ask personal questions about your addiction to help them gain more information and knowledge of your current mental state. They use these as a basis to design a therapy program to start your rehab. Everything about your answers will be kept confidential. 
  3. Thorough inspection. All your possessions will be inspected. Upon entering the women’s recovery center, the security people will go over all your stuff to determine that you don’t have any alcohol or drugs. These are, of course, forbidden items in the rehab center.
  4. Food.The better rehab centers for women will include a specialized diet and nutrition plan for your specific needs. There will be a focus on fresh and natural ingredients – lots of fresh vegetables and very little if any processed foods.
  5. Counseling.Expect lots of counseling, either private or in groups in the women’s recovery center. Group therapies and private counseling are both important processes in the healing program.
  6. Monitoring.You will be watched as you live in the women’s addiction treatment center. This sounds nerve-wracking but detox and especially early recovery are very touch-and-go during this time period – it’s one of your safety measures. 
  7. Speak in a group.In group therapy, you have to speak to the group. You might discover your thespian skills in the women’s rehabilitation centerThis is valuable training as you progress through several meetings, you will learn to share and contribute to the wellness of the group. 

Going into a women’s treatment center is not nearly as intimidating if you know what to expect. The good news is that if you keep it up, you are on your way recovery.

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