6 Tips to Help Your Loved One Going Through Detox for Women

February 25, 2017 - - 0 Comments 6 Tips to Help Your Loved One Going Through Detox for Women

Numerous studies support the fact that women are less likely to suffer from substance abuse disorder than men but when they do, their condition is far worse and more difficult to address. Per addiction researchers, when women start becoming addicted to drugs and other substances, they tend to more quickly experience the more serious consequences of addiction than men do.  

These facts imply, at least in part, how critical it is for a woman suffering from substance abuse problems to get all the support she needs in the entire recovery process – from detox to aftercare. If you have a loved one who is currently going through detox for women, below are some tips that you may want to consider to help her or, at the very least, show your support:

  • Take the time to educate yourself about substance abuse disorder.

There are many misconceptions about drug addiction and drug addicts that it is easy for family members to panic and feel hopeless once they discover that one of their own is suffering from this condition. Avoid being helpless and start learning facts as it will help you feel in control and able to handle the situation better. Do your own research and rely only on credible sources. Attend addiction support group meetings that are open for friends and families so you can have a better understanding of what a drug addict is going through – physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Having armed yourself with the right information will help you in understanding and anticipating the needs of your addicted loved one.

  • Meet with the members of the team in charge of detox and treatment.

There are a lot of things that you can do to assist the patient that the doctors or counselors will not be able to do or provide. By communicating with them your willingness to be fully involved and commitment in the process, the team can create a more effective plan on detox for women, among others.

  • Be patient, talk less, and listen more.

The detox process will undoubtedly create a lot of physical, emotional, and psychological stress on your loved one which can make her irritable or even hard to live with. Try to be more understanding and avoid arguing with her. Show you care by being attentive and listening to what she has to say more.

  • Monitor the patient’s fluid and food intake.

Make sure that your loved one is drinking enough water during detox to avoid dehydration. Feed the patient with food and dishes that will not only help keep her nourished but will also aid in relieving the painful symptoms of withdrawal syndrome. Various foods packed with protein, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, among others, have been proven helpful in this situation.

  • Keep your loved one occupied and busy.

Help the patient avoid intense drug cravings by keeping her distracted and occupied. You can watch interesting films, play cards, listen to music, or carry out activities that the patient finds exciting.

  1. Encourage the patient to join you in meaningful activities that can help manage withdrawal symptoms.

Yoga, meditation, exercise, walking at the park – these are just some of the activities that you can do with the patient to lower her stress and help her become more relaxed and calm.

The items above are just some of the most concrete ways you can express your support to a loved one who is at the first stage of her recovery journey. It is important to note, however, that she should be under the care and supervision of a rehab facility that fully understands the requirements of women drug addicts like Her House Treatment Center, one of the leading addiction treatment center for women. Call Her House today for more information on the best detox for women and other services.

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