6 Questions to Ask Your Potential Rehab Center

May 25, 2017 - - 0 Comments 6 Questions to Ask Your Potential Rehab Center

Admitting that you have a substance abuse problem is, without a doubt, gets you closer to finding the key that will open the door towards healing and recovery. Naturally, the next crucial step in overcoming the need to deny the problem is finding a reputable drug rehab for women.  

While there are countless rehab facilities in the country today, it is important to note that not every women’s recovery center can be trusted to deliver outstanding results. Therefore, you should be extremely cautious in choosing the right rehab facility that will address your recovery


To help you in finding out if the drug rehab facility has what it takes to deliver its promises, here are six questions that you should ask your potential rehab center:

What licenses and accreditations does your treatment program have?

Your first requirement when choosing a rehab facility should be program accreditation. Treatment centers without licenses or those who were not accredited should be immediately eliminated from your list of prospects. While accreditation and licenses do not completely guarantee outstanding treatment program, they are still tangible indications that they have at least passed a high level of requirements and met certain standards. At the very least, management of rehab centers who subject their organizations to accreditation processes is committed to working on being among the leaders in the field.

What are the qualifications of your treatment staff?

Another important consideration in the selection process is the credentials of the people involved in the implementation of the treatment program. You need to ascertain that every member of the treatment team is licensed and comes from various disciplines. A rehab center that is composed of a multidisciplinary team (psychologists, counselors, nutritionist, therapists, etc.) can provide you with the best chance to recover.

Do you have a system of evaluating the effectiveness of your treatment programs?

A drug rehab facility that truly cares about providing the best drug treatment aims to continuously improve and reach excellence, which is why you need to find out if they regularly evaluate their programs. They should be committed to carrying out regular studies to ensure that their rehab programs continue to be relevant and responsive to the needs of their patients.

How many patients are assigned to one counselor?

It is also important to consider the patient-to-counselor ratio so that you can determine the level of care that you will need. Naturally, the smaller the number of patients per counselor, the better. This means that patients can receive individualized care since the counselor is not overburdened by having to monitor numerous patients at once.

Is your treatment program gender-specific?


While there are many rehab facilities that offer patient-specific treatment program, not many provide gender-specific addiction treatment. Many studies reveal that men and women have different recovery needs and thrive in different settings. An outstanding rehab facility recognizes this important factor, which is why they make sure to provide gender-specific treatment.

What types of treatment programs do you offer?

There are rehab centers that offer inpatient or residential care, some offer outpatient care, and there are others that provide both. Each type of treatment program has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on your need and situation. For instance, if it is impossible for you to be away from home for a couple of months, outpatient care may be more suited for you. On the other hand, if your condition is already too severe that you cannot be left alone, inpatient rehab would be your best option.

All the questions mentioned above will give you pertinent information about the women’s recovery center you are eyeing on. At the end of the day, you cannot merely rely on campaign posters and what the rehab facility is telling you since they will obviously be biased. Doing your own research and carefully evaluating the information you gathered vis-à-vis your needs and requirements is the best way to find the most suitable rehab facility for your needs. 

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