6 Myths About Detox for Women

March 21, 2017 - - 0 Comments 6 Myths About Detox for Women

There are a lot of myths surrounding the nature of women’s drug and alcohol addiction along with myths that are connected with drug and alcohol detox. These long-held misleading ideas are most often more destructive in every aspect of your life and do not do anyone good.

More importantly, when you accept the false reality of these myths, they can pierce through your hopes of a successful rehabilitation and can hinder the effectivity of your recovery from a drug-free living.

When undergoing detox for women, it is important to dispel any of these myths to prevent you from going back to the harsh world of addiction.  Some of the myths that can impede the effectivity of your recovery include:

Myth 1: Overcoming addiction is just a matter of willpower.

While it can be true that you need to have willpower in order to combat drug and alcohol addiction, it is impossible to do it on itself.  Both the mental and emotional longing you get from your drug and alcohol dependence is both a psychological and physical problem that needs to be addressed with an effective strategy. It is something that cannot be cleared up with a simple cognitive control. There are only a few drug and alcohol addicted people who cease to use illegal substances simply because they want to. Getting an alcohol and drug detox for women should be medically supervised as it can be dangerous to anyone’s life.

Myth 2: Women who suffer from addiction are immoral.

Drug and alcohol addiction is a complex problem that can happen to anyone. Immorality has nothing to do with the forceful and influential compulsion one gets from an addiction. And there are no scientific studies or facts that can back the myth otherwise. Addiction greatly changes a person’s mental and physical balance and addiction can happen to almost anyone who has the predisposition. Addiction often becomes an escape for people become an escape from the harsh realities and stresses of everyday life.

Myth 3: Addiction can never be cured.

Your addiction can be an entrenched problem which is why every aspect of your addiction needs to be addressed. There has never been a scientific study that proves that addiction can never be cured. There are a lot of people who underwent women’s detox and led a productive and happy life away from drug and alcohol dependence. Going through a detox that is medically administered along with an effective drug rehab and aftercare support has been proven to be powerful enough to get women on the road towards putting a lifelong end to their addiction.

Myth 4: You have to hit ‘rock bottom’ before you are considered for treatment.

Prolonged drug and alcohol addiction can sometimes be harder to treat than those who sought help immediately. You do not necessarily have to hit ‘rock bottom’ in order to be accepted in a facility. Countless drug and alcohol dependent people have successfully gained their life back because they acted much quicker on the problem. It is important to understand that the more time your loved one waits for intervention, the more difficult the drug and alcohol detox will be.

Myth 5: Women who take medications during drug rehab get addicted to the prescribed drugs.

It is true that drugs are often needed to mitigate the physical symptoms of withdrawal. But this does not necessarily mean that you will get addicted to the prescribed drugs. They are only used to lessen the physical effects of withdrawal. These drugs are often just used during the withdrawal stage.

Myth 5: If the treatment didn’t work once, it will never work.

Hopelessness is often a tremendous feeling when you relapse to addiction. But this should not stop you from seeking help again. Sometimes addiction can be so deeply rooted that it needs to be addressed in various ways.

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