5 Ways To Help a Drug Addict Get In To Treatment

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When you care about someone who is addicted to drugs, you would do anything to convince them to get help. While you have likely already discovered that getting angry doesn’t work, there are strategies that can help you show your support. As you prepare to help your friend or loved one, use these tips to help them get into treatment.

Hold an Intervention

Interventions are effective for helping addicts see that their addiction is affecting everyone in their life. As you plan your intervention, keep in mind that they can get heated so make sure everyone is prepared to stand their ground. In some instances, it is best to have a professional interventionist or counselor involved who can help keep the intervention on topic.

Be Persistent

A person may change their mind several times about going to treatment. It may also take months or years before your loved one realizes that they need help. Try not to judge, and continue to express your desire for them to end their addiction.

Give Them Some Options

Addiction can rob a person of the ability to think clearly, and your friend or family member may not know where to turn. You can reduce the stress by doing some of the leg work yourself. We can help you find out which types of treatment programs are available near your loved one so that you can present them with a list of options from which they can choose.

Offer to Drive

When your loved one admits they need help, it is important to act right away. Have transportation available, and drive them to treatment yourself if you can. Make sure to drive straight there and avoid any “one last time” stops along the way that could give them a chance to change their mind.

Stay Involved

Once your loved one enters rehab, it is important to continue showing your support. Ask if they need help with household tasks while they are away such as paying their bills. If they ask you to visit or attend therapy sessions, then show up and always follow any protocols that are established by the program.

It is possible to do what seems impossible. With perseverance, love and non-judgmental requests, you can get your loved one into treatment. By being proactive and making it clear that your friend or family member needs help, you can be the nudge they need to enter treatment and get started on their recovery.

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