5 Ways To Know If Your Wife Has a Problem With Drugs

July 22, 2016 - , , - 0 Comments 5 Ways To Know If Your Wife Has a Problem With Drugs

It is common for a spouse to ignore the signs that indicate that their wife has a problem with drugs, but it is essential to recognize the symptoms of substance abuse in order to seek help quickly.

Financial Problems

If your family’s money is missing from checking or saving accounts, then this is a way to know that your wife has a problem with drugs. A spouse may try to cover-up the fact that money is disappearing to buy prescription medications or heroin by pretending that the cash was used for other things that are required for a household.

Visiting Multiple Physicians

When your wife has an addiction to prescription medications such as painkillers, she will need to visit multiple physicians. You may begin to receive more bills from medical facilities, or your health insurance company will contact you about your wife making numerous appointments with clinics.

Changes In Behavior

A change in your wife’s behavior is a sign of a drug addiction, and you shouldn’t assume that sleepiness is the only side effect of drug use. Some drugs will cause an individual to have an increase in energy that leads to hyperactivity rather than lethargy. Other changes in behavior can include having violent outbursts or drastic mood swings.

Engaging In Theft

Drugs are expensive, and your wife may resort to theft to get the money for drugs, or she may find ways to steal medications from others. When visiting a friend’s home, your wife might steal painkillers from medicine cabinets, nightstands or handbags. She may also begin to shoplift to get items to pawn for cash.

Changes In Appearance

While using drugs, your wife’s physical appearance can change quickly. She may lose weight rapidly due to her increased energy levels and lack of appetite. In order to hide track marks, your wife might wear clothing that covers her body. You wife may also begin to have a different facial appearance with dark circles under her eyes.

We Help With Drug Interventions

If you suspect that your wife has a problem with drugs, then contact our counselors today to learn more about rehabilitation. We have experts who can help with an intervention that can get your wife to accept help for an addiction immediately.

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