5 Things Women in Recovery Should Be Doing!

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Recovery can be a very hard time for a woman. You have taken all of the right steps and completed all of the grueling treatment to find that recovery is just as hard. Do not worry, you are not at all alone.

Here are five things that women should be doing while in recovery:

1. Pick up a hobby

Have you always wanted to learn how to sew, cook, or play sports? Your previous addiction may have made it seemingly impossible to learn these tasks. Now you are in recovery and have the time and the energy to engage in all of the wonderful things you had to miss out on before. As an added bonus, you get to spend quality time with loved ones, learn new things, and have something awesome to talk about in your next meeting with friends. Plus, with this new hobby you’ll be too busy and too happy to even think about your old addiction!

2. Stop holding on to regret

We know it’s hard, but we also know you can do it. All of the of the good and bad things that have happened in the past have shaped who you are and what you want to become. Your choice to become a healthier, stronger, happier woman is a great decision. You are an inspiration to those who want to quit their addiction. You are a clear-thinking individual who can love your family to the fullest extent. And you are a beautiful individual realizing that willpower is in fact enough. You set examples for young women and teenage girls that they can say “enough is enough” or that they don’t have to live the life they have always lived if it was ruled by addiction. You should never feel regret for making a good decision.

3. Adopt a pet

You don’t have to run out and adopt a dog, maybe a flower or plant would also suit you well. Adopt something new in your life to celebrate this new chapter. Make sure that whatever you adopt, you love it and would be willing to take care of it. This new adoption is both symbolic of a happy beginning and a commitment to a happier life filled with love and smiles. You deserve this.

4. Write down all of the things that you are happy to have accomplished now that you are in recovery

Write each of these things down on a small strip of paper, fold it up, and put it into a large jar or box. On bad days pull one of these strips of paper out and remind yourself that this is just one bad day and that you have good things and good memories in your life.

5. Smile

Smile as much as you can. You have done something so hard that other people just cannot fathom doing it. Be inspirational, supportive, and smiley to those around you. Smiles are contagious and you will find that the more often you smile, the more often others smile around you. Being happy and wanting to make others happy is such a beautiful thing!

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