5 Things To Look For When You Need a Christian Rehab in California

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Although life presents people with a variety of unique challenges, grappling with an addiction to a harmful substance can be particularly problematic. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that substance addiction has an adverse effect on an individual’s mental and physical health. Despite the challenges that result from substance abuse, solutions are available. By finding a high quality Christian rehabilitation center in California, you can get on the path to recovery and make substance addiction a thing of the past. Once you make the decision to pursue recovery, there are several things you should look for in a rehab center. Here are five:

1. Bible-Based Beliefs.

If you are looking for a Christian rehabilitation center, it is safe to say that you want spiritual principles to be integral to your recovery process. To make sure this happens, you should gain an at least basic understanding of what the facility believes about faith-based issues. If you do not, you may find yourself receiving services from a rehabilitation center whose spiritual views do not parallel your own.

2. Employee Credentials.

In selecting a Christian rehab center, you need to make sure that the substance abuse professionals who work on your behalf have the qualifications and credentials necessary to do so. When you begin making inquiries, ask the rehab representative about the minimum qualifications that its counselors are required to have. Are there certification and educational requirements? Do employees have to go through any mandatory training? These are the types of questions you need to ask.

3. Testimonials/Referrals.

When you begin the process of locating the right rehabilitation center for you, you need to be sure that the services it provides have been proven effective. To make this determination, you should ask the center for first-hand testimonials and referrals from clients who have had success as a result of their rehabilitation services.

4. Aftercare Service.

As many substance abuse counselors know, a rehab’s aftercare services are very important because they are designed to prevent relapse. Thus when you start looking for a Christian rehab center in California, you need to determine whether it has a high-quality aftercare program. Some questions you should ask include whether the aftercare services include support groups and what fees are involved in the services.

5. Quality of Facilities.

A good Christian rehab center is going to have a state-of-the-art, high-quality facility that makes the recovery process as comfortable as possible for you. You don’t want to begin your new life in an old, rugged-looking facility with outdated furniture or drab decorations. Environment is influential, and lackluster physical space can detract from the quality of your recovery process. Since this is the case, be sure to look around the Christian rehab facility carefully before you commit to its recovery program.


If you are serious about recovering from your substance addiction, you should know that doing so is entirely possible. By using the strategies discussed above, you can select the right Christian rehab center in California and begin the journey towards recovery. Once this happens, you will be on the path to a more productive, positive life. Good luck!

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